Pudge’s Featured Rescue! Meet BlueStar Equiculture!

BlueStar Equiculture Horse and Credo
BlueStar Equiculture Horse and Credo

Dear friends!

I am happy to bring to you a most wonderful and treasured rescue known as BlueStar Equiculture! One of my very first friends on facebook nearly three years ago was a cute little mini named Cupcake the Herdmaster. He was the mascot for BlueStar and had a mighty presence. His small size was not a deterrent to managing the big herd of drafties and Percherons which are so much larger!! No, Cupcake had heart and he was mighty. He was a dear friend to us here in Manheim. Following Cupcake’s adventures was fun but he also brought us to BlueStar! We signed up for newsletters, joined the herd and luvd reading the latest news on Social media! We met the volunteers online and saw all the good work of the rescue right before our very eyes each day.

Though Cupcake has crossed on to managing the big herd in the sky, he left a lasting legacy of good deeds and wonderful friendships that we are still enjoying today. We will always miss the Cupcake but I do know someday we will meet again and have so much to catch up on. I look to the sky each night and remember him fondly. He is still a big part of our lives because it is through his darling character that he taught us how to luv and live big no matter who we were or where we came from. His early adversity in life led him to BlueStar and though it was not easy in the beginning, he and all those who luvd him at BlueStar showed us all that anything is possible with patience, kindness and luv. For that I am now and will always be eternally grateful.

For those of you who may not be aware of who BlueStar Equiculture is you are in for a real treat. We will be devoting several blogs to them, what they do, their horses and much more! Stay tuned!

Today we will start out by sharing their Mission and where they are located and their Social Media and website information.

The Mission of any organization and most especially a rescue organization is founded upon a vision that one or more people have for what they want to do but also what is at the very core of who they are. The Mission sets the tone for the organization and is the foundation for all things going forward. It is the moral code that binds. The Mission is very important and most especially so for those who have no voice. It is the “Credo” that stands! It has meaning and purpose and is to be taken seriously. BlueStar embodies their mission and what they believe in to the very core and it goes like this:

What We Do: Blue Star Equiculture’s Mission

Blue Star Equiculture’s Mission

Blue Star Equiculture is a working horse rescue and sanctuary committed to helping horses, humans and Mother Earth. In concert with the community, we help working horses live out their days in comfort and dignity…and help humans connect with, care for and be better partners to horses and Mother Earth.

What We Believe: Blue Star Equiculture’s Credo

We believe that the draft horse is a national treasure.The Blue Star heard

Currently there is gross misinformation in the public about the lives and well-being of working horses. We seek to have the draft horse–which built our roads, harvested our crops, supplied our railroads, fought our wars, and carried us to our graves—recognized as a national treasure, an indispensable part of our heritage and our common history.

We believe that horses and humans fundamentally belong together.

We have journeyed the same path for the past 6000 years. We have made the horse who he is, and the horse has made us who we are. This is a bond that should not be broken. This bond is a sacred one, and with it come moral obligations to the horse.

We believe that all horses deserve loving homes where their physical and social needs will be met.

Draft horses and other “working” horses have, through their co-evolution with humans, developed a psychological need to be with people. They enjoy their work, whether that “work” is in harness pulling a carriage or a plow, under saddle, or as a companion.

We believe that “work” should not have a pejorative connotation.

When we speak of “working horses,” we are speaking of what these horses do. “Work” can and should have a positive meaning. “Work” for horses in the context of meaningful, productive partnership with humans should never be equated with “slavery.” (We find slavery to be morally repugnant, and as such, slavery should not be a term thrown around cavalierly to describe the domesticated horse.)

We believe that in these troubled economic and environmental times, working horses offer a sustainable means of equine husbandry.

We hope to create other opportunities for working horses to have meaningful jobs in addition to the carriage industry and in limited use on farms. We hope to initiate new uses for working horses in urban environments, such as watering urban gardens, collecting recycling, or making deliveries. We hope to help expand the use of horses in organic agriculture, and spread awareness of using animal traction (that is, real horsepower) instead of hydrocarbon energy to power agricultural implements.

We believe that every working horse deserves to have his needs taken care of for the duration of his natural life.

This is the moral obligation of having horses in one’s life, especially when one’s own livelihood has been provided for through the labor of the horse. We believe that the vast majority of working horses are well-taken care of so long as they are working, as they provide not only for their human partners but also fund their own care. We are concerned about the fate of horses who no longer are able to work or whose owners are unable to continue to work with them or to care for them. Blue Star Equiculture seeks to assist these horses and provide for them or find adoptive homes for them for the rest of their lives.

Friends when you decide to support a rescue, take the time to get to know them. Learn their mission, how they started and what is important to them. Everything they do started with a vision and a mission. It is a special and noble thing to want to take on the responsibility of caring for those who have no voice and to make the necessary sacrifices to do so. What you will mostly find though is that they who do this don’t feel as if it is a sacrifice because they have the passion to do it and the compassion for those who need them. It is a mission, a personal credo and it is important to them on a very deep personal level.

I commend the Director of BlueStar and all those hard working volunteers and supporters of this magnificent rescue all pulling together to help their horses. I know that you will feel the same way too.

Stay tuned as more blogs will be coming your way.

In the meantime you can read more about BlueStar on their website:


You will find ways to help, how to donate and how to contact them. You will also find links to their Facebook page!

I encourage you to become educated in the BlueStar way!!

All for now,
Luv Pudge ♥


Pudge’s Featured Rescue! Meet Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue, PART THREE!

Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue:


Dear friends!

In our first blog on CDHR we looked at how they got their start and their mission statement and in part two of our series shared on how you can help and some information on volunteering. Part three of our blog series will share on how you can adopt and/or sponsor a horse at CDHR!

Perhaps the biggest way to help a horse is to ADOPT! Here’s how!

Application Instructions:

Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue, Inc., is a non-profit equine rescue dedicated to improving the lives of draft horses by saving them from situations which threaten their health and well-being, including neglect or abuse situations, slaughter broker lots or auctions where they may be sold to slaughter, and those whose owners can no longer provide for their needs. Horses coming through our rescue are quarantined, medically evaluated and treated, receive farrier care, vaccinations, deworming and dental care, and are then evaluated for riding or driving ability to determine the appropriate match for their “forever” home when they are placed for adoption. Fundraising and adoption fees only recoup a portion of our expenses, but without them we could not continue to save more horses. Adoption fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

Our goal is to find every horse a home where they will be loved and treated well for the rest of their lives, and to ensure that they are never again in dangerous, neglectful or abusive situations. For this reason, we follow-up on these horses for the rest of their lives. We adopt them under a “lifetime free-lease” condition, which allows you to have the horse as your own, forever…but provides a “safety net” for the horse. Since we retain ownership of the horse, if the horse is ever neglected, starved, abused, abandoned, or ends up at an auction, we have the legal power to take that horse back to safety. Be assured we have no desire to take horses back from you into the rescue once they have wonderful loving homes…our goal is to find homes for horses so we can rescue others…this is strictly for extenuating circumstances where the horse is in danger or winds up in the wrong hands.

We require annual follow-up which includes documentation of basic veterinary care (vaccinations to include EWT, West Nile and Rabies), dental exam and/or floating of teeth, farrier care, and parasite control as recommended by your vet. We will need current photographs of the horse on an annual basis, and have the right to visit your farm to see your adopted horse (though we hope you will keep in touch more often, as we become quite fond of our rescues in the short time they spend with us). We will need to be notified if the physical location of where the horse lives ever changes. If you decide you don’t want or can’t keep the horse anymore, we have the right to take the horse back or to approve a new owner you may find yourself, and a new contract must be signed before the horse is transferred. A vet must be called for any illness or serious injury, and if the necessary treatment cannot be provided for financial reasons, the horse must be returned to the rescue. We prohibit our rescue horses from ever being used for breeding purposes. You may always return your adopted horse to the rescue at any time, for any reason, no questions asked.

Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, and reside no more than a 4-hour drive away from East Hampton, CT 06424 (except by special exception, contact us for pre-approval). We require both veterinary and personal references. We perform farm inspections to ensure that you provide a safe, hazard-free environment, with adequate shelter and free access to water (potable water other than a pond or stream). We will not approve premises with inadequate or unsafe fencing, including smooth electric wire (unless it is secondary as a top-rail protector) or barbed wire. A non-refundable application fee of $15 is required to cover our time and effort; this fee will be applied towards an adoption fee on your chosen horse. If we do not have a horse that meets your needs at this time, we encourage pre-approval with a description of the horse you are seeking, as we often know of other horses in need that we can match you with or we can seek out an appropriate horse once you are approved.

Please click the Paypal button to submit your application fee; you will then be taken to the page with the application form once payment is submitted. The form may be emailed, faxed or printed and mailed once complete. Alternatively, the $15 application fee may be mailed to CDHR, 15 Rock Landing Rd, Haddam Neck, CT 06424. We will mail or email an application form once payment is received.


Horse Sponsorship Information:

Become a monthly sponsor
New donation option: for as little as $5/month, you can sponsor a horse at CDHR. Click the link below and select a sponsorship amount: a bale of hay per month for $5, a bag of grain for $20, all the way up to a full month’s sponsorship for $250. Paypal takes care of the rest automatically each month until you decide to cancel. You can even specify which horse to sponsor, and receive a special thank-you gift from your selected horse!

Learn more here: http://www.ctdraftrescue.com/become-a-monthly-sponsor.html

If you’d like to donate to Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue, please click on the source link above.

Please help us share with others about all the great things that Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue is doing for our equine friends. This is a very well organized rescue and they’re doing everything they can for the larger breed horse and they also have some small ones too! They can’t do it alone so it is very important to offer support to them in any way we can on an ongoing basis. Making the difference in the life of a horse starts with you!

All for now,
Luv Pudge ♥

Pudge’s Featured Rescue! Meet Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue, PART TWO!

Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue:


Dear friends!

In our last blog on CDHR we looked at how they got their start and their mission statement. In this part of our series I would like to share on how you can help and some information on volunteering. Volunteers are the backbone of the barn. They care for the horses, they do all the duties of the barn chores and they support the events to raise funds for the needs of the horses. They have such an important role and they have a great impact on the success of any rescue. CDHR is blessed with loyal souls who love the work they do and they are very dedicated. They do not get paid but their rewards come in the satisfaction of doing a good job in finding the horses their new home and taking care of those who are permanent residents. The love they have for the horses is reflected in all that they do!

I really love that they are so well organized in their volunteer responsibilities and the entire process of applying. There is a bill of rights, a manual and a code of conduct all of which can be viewed at this link below:


The job of a volunteer at CDHR is very important and equally important is to convey what the rules of the barn are for the safety of all concerned. Kudo’s for your fine work in this area!

To set up an appointment to meet with CDHR, simply go to this link:



Friends there are so many ways to get involved! Donations and volunteering are just so important for what they do at CDHR but if you’re not able to do that or would like to help in other ways please know that your talent and expertise is always needed!

Additionally if you would like to help in a specific way here are just a few of the ways for you to do so:

Wish List Link!


If you have any questions or would like to donate items please contact us at 860-467-6642 or email us at operations@ctdraftrescue.com. If you have it then odds are we are in need of it. Pickups can be arranged. Thank you!

Become a monthly Sponsor! To learn how go to this link:

CDHR has a new donation option: for as little as $5/month, you can sponsor a horse at CDHR. Click the link below and select a sponsorship amount: a bale of hay per month for $5, a bag of grain for $20, all the way up to a full month’s sponsorship for $250. Paypal takes care of the rest automatically each month until you decide to cancel. You can even specify which horse to sponsor, and receive a special thank-you gift from your selected horse!

BUY WINE! To learn how to buy wine for CDHR benefit go to this link to learn more:

Buy Candles! Great idea for Christmas and the upcoming holidays!

I GIVE! To learn more about this wonderful program Please click on this link:

Perhaps the biggest way to help a horse is to ADOPT! In our next blog about CDHR we will take a look at their adoption process and the horses that need a home and some of their great success stories!


If you’d like to donate to Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue, please click on the source link above.

Part 3 of our series on CDHR coming tomorrow!

All for now,
Luv Pudge ♥

Meet the Horses Available for Adoption at Serenity Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation

Serenity's Director
Serenity’s Director


Serenity Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation has a great group of beautiful horses just ready and waiting for their very own forever luving home!! If you’re not able to adopt, please help me share out their information far and wide. In addition it is possible to sponsor a horse at Serenity until the horse is adopted. Sponsorship means so much because the money received helps to offset the costs of the care necessary for each horse.

To learn about how to sponsor a horse please go to this link:

For all the information you’ll need to know about how to go about adopting a horse at Serenity Equine Rescue please go to this link:

I’ve been in touch with Brenda from the rescue and she gave me notes about the horses which I share below!

Meet the Horses!



Meet their wonderful JayJay!! She is a pure white Arabian mare, age 20, but you would NEVER know it. This girl is super well trained, a dressage horse. Her years of training and showing are evident. She needs at least a medium to experienced rider. Her gaits are beautiful, she has perfect ground manners, and is just a fantastic horse. She is allergic to alfalfa, so is fed orchard grass. Small adult or experienced teens.


Kazmeen is a beautiful dark bay Arabian gelding . He was adopted and returned as the owner could no longer care for him. Kazmeen is very well trained and has been ridden on trails and in a few shows. Unfortunately, he was injured when he was very young and is no longer able to be ridden. He has never been lame but has a compromised hock. Kazmeen is a gentle curious boy and loves attention. He would make a perfect pasture mate as he is kind and enjoys his herd mates.

Keona and Sequoia: this mother and daughter pair are beautiful and very smart. Sequoia is the mama, she is a Yakima Indian Pony, about 14.1 hands. Green, so needs some work, but a very smart and sweet girl. Keona, her daughter is half Arabian, a very pretty mare, about 14.2. Also green. She was born at Serenity, is SUPER friendly, and would love a permanent person. Keona is 4 and Sequioa is 6. They are very bonded and would best go together. Would suit experienced teens or small adult.


Reese is a lovely 14.2 Arab mare. She has a beautiful movement, and very good manners. She was returned to us after being adopted out due to a divorce in the family. She is learning to trust again, and making great progress. Reese is 14. Small adult or experienced teens.


Meet Shamara, a 30 year-old bay and white pinto Arabian/Saddlebred mare who stands over 15 hands. Shamara and her 14-year-old daughter Selena were finally surrendered by their owner to Serenity after more than a year of tireless work by one of our volunteers. They had been living in knee-deep mud for years with no dental or hoof care and were badly malnourished.

After several months of mashes, special dental care and farrier work, Shamara is once again healthy and sound. Although Shamara is sound and rideable she is at a place in her life where very light riding would be best. Shamara has developed Cushings and needs medicine each day.

If you are interested in adopting Shamara or any of the other horses, please contact patricia@serenityequinerescue.com to arrange a time to meet this wonderful mare.

Wonderful horses needing a home. Please network, share, and if you can sponsor and/or adopt! Winter is coming so it is imperative that the horses have the funding for their care while they’re waiting for their once in a lifetime human! The rescue is located in Washington state where the wildfires have plagued acres and acres of valuable land. Humans and animals alike have been affected in a big way. What the fires have meant to the rescue is a huge increase in hay costs as the fires were in the area where the hay is grown. Please do what you can and as often as you can. Serenity and the horses will be forever grateful!

Luv Pudge ♥

Pudge’s Featured Rescue: Serenity Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation

Serenity's Director
Serenity’s Director

Dear friends!

It’s a pleasure and an honor to introduce you to my feature rescue Serenity Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation! They are located in the state of Washington. This rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit since February 2008 and has been operating since on a privately owned farm that is owned by it’s Director Patricia Clark. They are very dedicated to education and awareness of the plight of the unwanted and abused horses in society.

Serenity Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation is a rescue and sanctuary program specializing in equine rescue, rehabilitation and adoption. At Serenity, neglected or abused horses receive quality veterinary care and are socialized and given essential training in preparation for adoption.

In keeping with their mission, Serenity is also dedicated to exposing abusive practices, and those individuals or industries engaged in them, through public awareness and education that can ultimately lead to action and change.

Their Education Center focuses on providing clinics and classes for prospective and current horse owners to help them provide the best care possible for their equine companion.

The staff is comprised of a total volunteer team and all are unpaid. They are dedicated and volunteer their time toward the mission of saving horses. They work very hard to do what they do and they have had an enviable success rate!

If you are interested in joining their team they are always looking for more helping hands! There are many areas of expertise and talent to use in supporting their Board of Directors. In fact they are currently looking for volunteers with the any of the following backgrounds: legal, fundraising and development, finance, or events and promotions!

They also have committee lead and volunteer opportunities available in the following areas: communications and outreach, fundraising, events, adoptions and volunteer coordination. To find out more information on any of these needs please contact their Volunteer Coordinator if you are interested in learning more about these opportunities: volunteer@serenityequinerescue.com

More information about their volunteer opportunities, requirements and forms to fill out to be a volunteer can be found at this website link:


Their founder and Executive Director, Patricia Clark, is uniquely qualified to care for the horses she has rescued. Patricia holds a BA in Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Washington, as well as a Livestock Management Certificate from Western Washington University. She pursues continuing education opportunities on a regular basis and is a Reiki practitioner. Patricia has extensive wealth of experience with managing a boarding facility and equine health care.

The state of Washington has been in the news lately due to wildfires that are burning in certain areas of the state. This has has a great impact on humans and animals alike. This rescue has been affected by the price of hay which has been going upward in price!! The area of the fires is also where hay is grown and harvested. If you are able to donate to the rescue for their hay needs this would be gratefully accepted. They have a convenient link to paypal located here at this website link:


Notable mention!
Serenity was listed as one of Great Non-Profits top rated for 2013 and they are looking to make that list again in 2014.

Horsemanship classes will be offered in September and you can read more about it in their Education Center located here:

Get registered now!


I will devote a special blog to share more about the horses that are available for adoption and sponsorship and in the meantime please feel free to see pictures of them at this website link:


They have a great need for your help! Please stop by their Facebook page and their website and get to know them. You’ll see that they are very dedicated to their mission and their horses. They have accomplished a lot for their goals in a short time and have had many successful fundraising efforts. I really love their education center and the fact that they are engaged with the public by offering classes and hands on opportunities to learn more about their operations and their horses. The rescue is doing amazing things for the equines we luv!!

Serenity Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Contact information:

Patricia Clark, Executive Director
28818 SE 216th Way
Maple Valley, WA 98038

As a testament to their fine work please check out this part of their web page! This page is dedicated to the horses that they have rehabbed and re-homed. You will see some pretty stunning recoveries and happy stories for the horses:


All for now!
Luv Pudge ♥

Horse Rescue United! Their Horses Available for Adoption!

HRU's Tristan!
HRU’s Tristan!

Horse Rescue United, Inc. (HRU) saves horses of all breeds from abandonment, abuse, neglect, and slaughter. We specialize in retraining and rehoming Standardbred horses.

Whenever possible, HRU purchases slaughter-bound horses from auction and finds them homes, and also helps owner surrenders find placement before they end up in the wrong hands.

HRU is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; your donations are tax-deductible and we are run entirely by unpaid volunteers.

Horse Rescue United has several horses available for adoption and they also have a couple that are permanent residents. You can help them by adopting a horse and sponsoring them too! If you’re not able to adopt, sponsoring one or more of their horses is a truly great way to give back and help save lives. Their sponsorships are available in different ranges and time frames. For example, their two-month sponsorship is $35.00! With that you’ll get their newsletter that contains lots of great information and stories about what they’re doing. The newsletter will contain great photos that are not found anywhere else! It’s a way to gain personal insight into all the wonderful work that they are doing. HRU horses are up-to-date on vet/farrier/dental needs and thoroughly evaluated prior to adoption.

Their horses are available to approved homes on a minimum 60 day trial period. Adopters must be located within a five hour drive of Jackson, NJ (unless otherwise noted).

To start the process, please email HRU, then download both an adoption application and contract/agreement below. Be sure to review the contract, but only complete and submit the application.

Once your application is completed and signed by hand, please scan and email it to lunar_aradia@yahoo.com; if you don’t have access to a scanner, please email us for a volunteer’s fax number or mailing address.

Find more photos and watch videos of their horses on their Facebook page!

The applications and information about the horses, how to adopt, sponsorship and all the ways you can help can be found on Horse Rescue United’s website located at:


Let’s Meet the Horses!!


Red Cookie

8 year-old 15.2 hand chestnut Standardbred mare- all-around riding (walk/trot/canter) – suited for advanced beginner rider or intermediate driver – beginner-safe on leadline

Red Cookie was in training to be a harness racer until an injury cut her career short. After working as a broodmare, she spent three years in an adoptive home as a riding horse and had some success at local shows.

Red is perfectly sound and also trained to drive. She makes a wonderful all-around riding or leadline horse. Red has some white hairs on her face and pigment loss around her eyes, nose, and neck. She has excellent manners, is very sweet, and gets along great with other horses. Sponsor Red Cookie. Available for adoption- $350 to approved home.


Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine

Estimated 18 year-old 15.1 hand fleabitten gray Arabian gelding – all-around riding (walk/trot/canter) – suited for intermediate rider

Cloud Nine, formerly known as Bugsy, suffered severe neglect and was part of an SPCA seizure in July 2012. At the time, he weighed only 714 pounds, a scale 2 body score. Cloud has gained 300 pounds since and was transferred to HRU in excellent condition. Prior to our assistance, he was quickly running out of options and could have been euthanized.

Cloud stands well when being tacked up. He is a solid all-around riding horse for an intermediate person; he clearly had riding experience in the past as he knows his aids and cues. Very sweet and independent under saddle; not herd bound. Cloud rides walk/trot/canter beautifully and his canter and sitting trot are very comfortable to ride. He rides much larger than you’d think and takes up your leg nicely. Cloud has a nice shoulder on him and great brakes.

Cloud is proud and full of himself like most Arabians, so needs an intermediate handler and rider. He doesn’t settle in a stall, so he requires a home who can keep him turned out 24/7 with a buddy and shed. Sponsor Cloud Nine. Available for adoption- $250 to approved home.



15 year-old 12.1 hand bay roan possible Welsh/Hackney pony stallion – paddock pony or riding/driving prospect – needs advanced/experienced person

Speedwell had sold to a renderer for meat at New Holland auction. It was his good fortune that they forgot to load him on the trailer, which gave him time to find a second chance with HRU.

Speedwell is a typical stud (cryptorchid stallion) and will not be gelded due to potential complications, but is usually a kind boy with a wonderful, playful personality. He has definitely had some rough corrections in his past, so he needs an experienced, confident handler. He is headshy when you work around his neck and ears, especially on his left side.


Cool Cookie
Cool Cookie

13 year-old 16.1 hand dark bay Standardbred mare – trails/pleasure riding (walk/trot/canter) – suited for advanced/experienced rider

Cool Cookie (CC) is a retired Standardbred trotter and former broodmare who rides walk/trot/canter and loves trail riding. She is brave and will ride into/through water. Also good riding around dogs and has been ridden at the beach. CC jumps, but doesn’t enjoy it, so we don’t ask that of her anymore.

CC is a good companion to other horses. She can be moody at times, but if you give her a chance, she is a wonderful horse. CC currently lives outside 24/7 with a shed. Sponsor Cool Cookie. Available for adoption- $250 to approved home.

Speedwell leads and listens well. He is good trailering and with the farrier. Speedwell is now driving with a cart and will make a knowledgeable person a very nice prospect. Sponsor Speedwell. Available for adoption- $150 to approved home.



20 year-old 14.2 hand dark bay Standardbred mare – companion/pasture pet only

Jessica was likely a former Amish buggy horse who was saved from slaughter via New Holland auction. She is an absolutely excellent companion who gets along with minis to drafts. Jess would do best in a quiet home as a companion to another horse or pony or with a small group of kind horses.

Due to her past, Jess needs time to warm up to new people. She likes to be left alone at times, but is a charmer at heart. She loves being brushed out during shedding season especially. Jess has a very expressive face, particularly when you give her treats (her favorites are peppermints). She has mild cataracts in both eyes and is best living outside 24/7 with a shed.

Adopt Jess and you’ll receive a new leather halter with a nameplate and a bucket of supplies or a $50 Tractor Supply gift card upon completion of a successful trial period. Sponsor Jessica. Available for adoption- FREE to approved home within a 3 hour drive of Jackson, NJ.



16 year-old 16 hand bay Thoroughbred mare – companion/pasture pet only – under evaluation for light riding

Carol is a former broodmare and racehorse who ended up at auction in Spring 2010. She spent three years in an adoptive home until they could no longer keep her. Carol is not fully sound, so currently only available as a pasture pet or companion horse, but she’s under evaluation as she may be lightly ridable.

Carol can be shy and a bit spooky having her head handled at first, but is a sweet horse who’s good with other horses. She currently lives outside 24/7 with a shed. Sponsor Carol. Available for adoption- FREE to approved home.


Cookies Kid
Cookies Kid

5 year-old 16 hand dark bay Standardbred gelding – trails/pleasure/all-around riding/jumping or driving – suited for intermediate rider/driver – IN REHAB

Cookie’s Kid is a Standardbred trotter who is very nice under saddle or harness. He seems talented for any discipline and has started jumping in hand, showing a knack for it. Kiddie gets along well with both horses and ponies. He is a very kind, affectionate horse who loves kisses and hugs. A very smart and willing boy, Kiddie loves to learn and will excel in any discipline you desire.

Current Picture of Cookie’s Kid currently in rehab:

Cookie's Kid in rehab
Cookie’s Kid in rehab

In July 2014, Kiddie returned to HRU and needs to gain considerable weight prior to adoption (photos are not current). We expect he will need 2-3 months of rehab. In the meantime, he greatly needs sponsors, but please contact us if you’re interested in offering a home for when he’s ready. Sponsor Cookie’s Kid. After rehab, Kiddie will be available for adoption- $350 to approved home.



Estimated 10 year-old 18 hand chestnut Belgian draft gelding – available for sponsorship only

Tristan was saved from shipping to slaughter from New Holland auction on January 3, 2011. He was found with cancer in his right eye and brought to New Bolton clinic. Sadly, Tristan’s cancer has already spread to his bones. To keep him more comfortable, his cancerous eye was removed in October 2011. While there’s no way of knowing how long Tristan has left, we hope he’ll be able to live happy and comfortably for some time to come. Please sponsor Tristan.



15 year-old 17 hand brown Standardbred gelding – available for sponsorship only

Kaline was a popular racehorse who supported HRU for many years thanks to his generous owner. He had 202 starts, won 41 times (31 seconds and 26 thirds) and had total earnings of $570,000. In 2007, he was the highest money earner for nine year-olds in the US. Kaline retired from racing in July 2010 and has been a great companion to our rescue horses ever since. As of August 2013, Kaline is a permanent HRU resident enjoying a well-earned retirement. Please sponsor Kaline.

Please donate, share, sponsor or adopt! Help for the horses to find their forever home is needed. When we are able to rehab and rehome a horse, that opens the door of opportunities for a great life and for another life to be saved. Do what you can to make this difference!

Pudge’s Featured Rescue: Horse Rescue United!

HRU's Red Cookie
HRU’s Red Cookie

Dear friends!

I am pleased to announce this week’s featured rescue is Horse Rescue United! I had a wonderful opportunity to speak (via hoofmail) to Diana Tuorto. Diana is a loyal and luving volunteer with HRU for several years now and contributes proceeds from her books to the rescue. She wears many hats in her support of the rescue and is always on Social Media and HRU events sharing their needs and her luv for the horses. She has horses too and is a talented author!

She shared some insight with me about the founder and how Horse Rescue United got started! The founder, Anouk Busch started HRU in March 2010 when she saved two older Standardbred horses from auction. Diana met her on Facebook around that time and was one of several people who helped her out with fundraising and promoting horses for adoption.

It is clear to me that both women have a fondness for horses that is most profound just by reading and witnessing the things that they have done for the horses in the rescue. Diana shared with me that her love for horses was pretty much always with her. She lived in suburban New Jersey where there were many horse farms and she just truly enjoyed and loved being around them. She started taking riding lessons at the young age of 8 and then worked with horses throughout her teenage years.

Diana shared with me too that the rescue faces many challenges and certainly the biggest challenge is finding the right forever home. It has to be luving but also equally important the home must be completely committed to the care of the horse. They are very particular and only only adopt within a 5 hour drive of Jackson, NJ. This is done so that HRU can ensure that they can accomplish home checks properly. The home checks are done with their small group of volunteers. Another reason is to be able to keep horses in reasonable distance should they ever need to be returned. Horse Rescue United acts as a lifelong safety net for all horses they adopt out. Over the years they have also had a number of horses returned over the years. Diana assures me that almost all have found wonderful new homes instead of falling through the cracks to “who knows where”. Diana shared that they strive to seek homes who will treat their horse as family and not seek to return or discard him or her because they are no longer rideable someday.

HRU really needs donations friends!!! They struggle to raise funds each month. Horse Rescue United is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In addition they are trying to apply for more grants. They rely on public donations to fund the care of the horses so every donations means so very much. For starters, they need to raise a minimum of $2,000 just to feed the horses and provide them with proper vet, farrier and dental care. Should anything extra come up or an unforeseen event, that would be on top of their minimum operations requirement.

Diana encouraged me to check out a Q&A with Anouk from 2010 via the link below. You’ll gain more insight into the background of Horse Rescue United’s founder Anouk Busch. I found it to be very interesting. I always like to know more about the backstory of how non profits get their start and who is behind the scenes working hard to make a difference in the lives of our equine friends.


To read about some of the success stories at Horse Rescue United and Silver Gem and Tristan check out their before and afters as well as testimonials at http://www.horserescueunited.org/

Horse Rescue United’s Contact Information:

email: lunar_aradia@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:
Horse Rescue United, Inc.
31 Barren Meadow Lane
Howell, NJ 07731

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/horserescueunited

Pay pal link to Donate on their website at http://www.horserescueunited.org/

Diana Tuorto’s Literary Website Link: http://www.cayusecanyon.com/
Diana is available for public appearances and has a beautiful collection of books available for purchase. She is very engaged in the fundraisers for HRU and her efforts continue to make a big difference!

Please join me in welcoming HRU into our circle of Rescue resources. Please share their events, their horses and their stories with your friends and make that needed donation! Every donation counts!!!