As The Barn Turns Series Finale: Pudge’s Beams



On a peaceful wintery evening Pudge went to sleep. He was beckoned by the Winking Moon’s beams of light. It seems that the Big Sky herd needed Pudge. So Pudge went quietly to assist his friends in the good Big Sky. The Winking Moon luvingly pulled him above.

The next day all the barn pals, Finale, Barn Kittahs far and wide, Pidgeon, Miss Spotsy and her barn buddies, all the goats, Mouse and Chipper, Luvly Lula, Toad, all the dogs woke up and they all knew that Pudge had been given an important assignment. They all knew that Pudge would willingly accept the assignment to do his best to help equines everywhere and that meant the Big Sky too.

So Buttons, Cruella and Mable as somber as they were the trotted of to the Tack Room Kitchen to make a bigly dinner for all their friends and barn pals. This was to be the first time ever that they had to plan an event without Pudge! Pudge was always their leader, their central command and their very best friend. He kept everyone together and out of trouble or at least tried to!! So they banged some pots, they burned a few biscuits but eventually all the treats were made with the luv and attention that Pudge could be proud of.

Pigeon flew all over the country to bring all the pals to the barn in Manheim so that they could all celebrate their friend who got a new job and huge promotion! Wow a promotion to the Big Sky it just doesn’t get any more bigger or important than that!!

They all gathered around the table and even NEMO was on Skype on the iBarnCloud Pooter. Barn Kittahs were perched in the rafters like they usually are and the beautiful mares were resplendent in their ribbons and curls in their manes and tails. Miss Spotsy even had her human Mom give her perm just for the party. Champion Finale wore all her ribbons, in fact she was COVERED in ribbons because after all she is a Champion! Luvly Lula was especially Luvly and batted her very long and luvly eyelashes. Pudge was swooning above because unknown to them, he, Cupcake, Tipsy Saint and The Winking Moon had the best seats in the house to observe!

Just before dessert and coffee Bo the Donut Wizard, Mom Donna, Aunty Chris and Aunty Angela along with Mom Potter and Jordan showed up so Bo could sing a song or two or three… And so they all sang and munched on the slightly overdone pecan pie. ( You see Buttons tried out a new recipe for the first time and it flopped, but just a little! She wished she had made the pound cake but oh well..)

Just as Bo the Donut Wizard sang the last chorus, the pooter started to go BEEP BEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP!!

Pudge! Pudge appeared on the screen!! Nemo had found the port to the IT BIG SKY COMPUTER!!! ALAS!!

Pudge BEAMED at everyone! Pudge and all his friends from the Big Sky were there! They could not believe their eyes!! Barn Kittah purred.. Mouse and Chipper JUMPED clear into the haybale! But that’s normal for them!

Then the screen went back to Nemo, but sometimes the clouds get in the way so Nemo delivered a message from Pudge and the Big Sky herd!

It seems that Pudge wants everyone to get to work! He said that there is no time for crying and being sad. There is just so much WORK to do here on earth to help equines in need! He said that he is so busy learning the ropes from The Winking Moon, Cupcake and Tipsy Saint but he will get the hang of it. He said that it is his wish that they all carry on what they started with him. He said that there are so many ways to help and if we look even a little bit, we’ll find the ways that work for us and those in need. He also said that they don’t particularly like him to bite their butts up there. That was one of his most favorite pasture moments so he has some adjusting to do. He said it’s all beautiful and he is fine but he’s going to check to make sure that the job is getting done in Manheim and everywhere too. He’s got a big job and he’s going to do it. So you all do your best too and remember all the good things we did together and keep that in mind as you do your important work.

So they all looked at Nemo and again at each other. All of a sudden there was so much scurrying and clamoring Mom Potter could not see the critters and they all were moving so fast and working so hard!

Bo the Donut Wizard and Mom Donna pulled out the box of Maple Donuts. Jordan grabbed one and gave it to Mom Potter, Aunty Chris and Aunty Angela had one and then with a flourish, Pigeon took the box and all the mares with him to drop them off at their homes across the country. But before they left the barn they all turned and winked and neighed…”TIME TO GET TO WORK!!”

And so AS THE BARN TURNS continuously and with great purpose that Pudge intends for everyone……..

Don’t be sad, but rejoice in all that you have done and continue to do in the name of helping those without a voice.

Everyone in the BIG SKY is watching and when you look at the moonbeams each night, smile and wink and let them know, you got to work!!

LUV TO ALL FROM PUDGE, he got to work!


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