As The Barn Turns, At the Holidays, Season 4, Episode 34: Remembering Special Friends at Thanksgiving and Green Cat


Pudge was amazed! The party went off without a hitch despite all the misgivings Pudder had about the GREEN CAT! The goats worked hard on the meal and the desserts and even though the pumpkin pies were burned in the oven they still had a lemon cake for a backup in case of an epic fail in the kitchen.

Buttons, Mable & Cruella!
Buttons, Mable & Cruella!

The GREEN CAT came up with Mom Donna and Bo the Donut Wizard and Pudder.

Mom Donna brought the donuts!
Mom Donna brought the donuts!

Oddly enough it was the GREEN CAT who kept the Maple Donuts intact on the long ride up to Manheim from York. Pudder was completely dismayed because he had been counting on a sugar snack before dinner but alas that was not to be. In fact, once they arrived at Pudge’s Barn, the GREEN CAT flew with the little Bluebird to Charming Acres Rescue with the Maple Donuts to share Thanksgiving with Kelly Conner! Talk about class! The GREEN CAT was all that and more. After the barn pals thought about it they figured if the GREEN CAT spent Thanksgiving with Kelly Conner then he was not so bad…

Once Champion Finale arrived with Pigeon along with Miss Spotsy, Luvly Lula, Uncle Cisco, & Cousin Izzy Pudge decided to gather all the barn pals around for a special prayer of blessing and remembrance before they chomped down on the delicious goodies.

Bluebird had brought the crew from Charming acres and Pigeon made the trip to Grantville to pick up Charlie. Of course Charlie was napping so he had to wake him up a bit first! WOL!


Once everyone was assembled Pudge made a thoughtful speech about all the things he is grateful for. He mentioned about Dad Potter most especially. He remembered his Dad fondly and his love of all animals big and small. Pudge remembered how Dad Potter took him in when a nice lady rescued him at a local auction and he remembered that Dad Potter luvd him so much that he named him Pudge. Pudge was Dad Potter’s nickname from when he was small and because Pudge was a small pony too, the name stuck. Pudge mentioned how he luvd his Mom Potter so very much and Jordan and how they take such great care of him and all the barn pals and also how they had to work hard to adjust to a new life and then gave Pudge and all the barn pals great big hugs when little Rafiki lost his battle with an illness he could not overcome. Yups it’s been a tough year at times, but Pudge reminded everyone that sometime life throws some curves and we have to be able to see the bend in the road to keep on going. With the luv and support of family and friends we can persevere and do good things.

Buttons gave thanks for her goat friends and her tack room kitchen. She luvs to bake and cook and be in charge of the treats just like Tipsy Saint was and they all remembered beautiful Tipsy Saint too. Buttons was also thankful for baby Cruella who grew up from being a baby goat to being the sous chef in the tack room kitchen!!


Buddy came from Charming Acres Rescue so he was the spokes horse for the barn pals. Buddy said he was thankful for knowing Argo who crossed the rainbow bridge just like Rafiki did and that he knew the Winking Moon and Herdmaster would look after them both. He was also grateful because Kelly Conner found a foster home for Moo and Olivia and that hopefully they’ll have found their forever home too. He was also very thankful that his new friend Cruiser likes to play cards in the pasture and that Pudge was going to teach Cruiser how to play Go Fish.

God Bless Argo Buddy said. We’ll miss you so very much. We luv Mom Kelly Conner for all she did to help.


Buddy also said that he knows how to play Go Fish and would probably win at cards but Cruiser will just have to find that out….

Buddy and Cruiser
Buddy and Cruiser

Miss Spotsy, Barbie, Reign, Luvly Lula and of course Champion Finale all gave thanks that they were there to be with handsome Pudge. They all beamed and swooned while Pudge blushed……….

Those all the beauties vied for a seat at the table with Pudge, it was LADY from Charming Acres Rescue that took the top honor! She was the only one who could fit in the chair!!!!


The party was loads of fun and every bit of food was eaten. Soon it was time to go and so the little Bluebird rounded up her barn pals and Pigeon rounded up his barn pals and they flew everyone home.

Mom Donna, Bo the Donut Wizard and Pudder lingered a little bit…. Seems like they had something to say. Pudge went over to them to see what they wanted to say………….

Mom Donna leaned down and whispered into Pudge’s ear! Bo the Donut Wizard smiled wide!! Pudder beamed!

Pudge’s eyes nearly popped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so As the Barn Turns and Mom Donna, Bo the Donut Wizard and Pudder make their long winding journey back to York County……

Did Kelly Conner welcome the GREEN CAT to the Thanksgiving table or did the GREEN CAT stay out on the Front porch?????????????

Did Kelly Conner like the Maple Donuts or did she let the little Bluebird have them? Does Kelly know about Maple Donuts and did she ask the GREEN CAT Why he is a GREEN CAT??????????

Did Buddy mind that Lady sat next to Pudge at Thanksgiving Dinner?

Did Champion Finale mind?

Did Miss Spotsy, Reign or Luvly Lula mind?

Did all the cats get along at dinner or did they go up into the barn rafters and meow?

Did Pudder Meow?

Did the GREEN CAT meow at dinner?

What happened to the burned pumpkin pies?

Did Charlie eat the pie or did he just snooze through dinner????????????

And what in the world did Mom Donna say to PUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please stay tuned because as we all know there is more to the story than burned pumpkin pies and GREEN CATS.

Although, they say that all that is gold glitters, but so does GREEN CAT!

WOL from Pudge and all the barn pals until next week……………………….


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