As The Barn Turns, Season 4, At The Holidays, Episode 33, Being together and a Green Cat!

Champion Finale
Champion Finale

Pudge was checking his pooter and dallying around. His emails were stacked to the hooves and back from Champion Finale. She was pretty good about keeping in touch and Pudge always luvd to hear from her. It’s a week away from Thanksgiving and she was emailing as she always does to make sure all the details for the big party at Pudge’s barn were being taken care of.

Buttons, Mable and Cruella have been busy in the Tack room kitchen making lemon cake and a bunch of stuff so Pudge was not worried about the treats. Pudge knew that they’d have plenty of Maple Donuts as long as Mom Donna and Pudder did not eat them all on the way up from York! WOL! He laughed at the the fun they’d have doing that!

Champion Finale told Pudge that Uncle Cisco and Cousin Izzy were eating and eating and she fretted they’d have no appetite for Thanksgiving!

Pudge reassured her that they’d have plenty of room in the tank for more! WOL! He laughed at that too!

Eating again!
Eating again!

So Pudge kept reading her emails and it was taking days as there were SO MANY EMAILS AND PICTURES! Champion Finale wanted to be sure the she sat next to Pudge at the table on Thanksgiving so she was really pouring it on and Pudge luvd it!

Gosh, Pudge thought, could she get any more beautiful!??? Yes she can! She’s Champion Finale!!!!!!!!!!!

But then there was also Luvly Lula and Miss Spotsy and who can resist those two????

Then Pudge was also pretty enamored by the Charming Acres Rescue beauties too! Reign and Barbie were also vying for Pudge’s attention! Kelly assured Pudge that she would be fine at home while the horses went to Pudge’s party so all systems were a go! YIPPEEEE!

Charlie was emailing too and he was coming to the party. He is a barn mascot in training so he was required to be there! WOL! Pudge luvd that he is a mentor to a Barn Mascot in training, Now That Was COOL CARROTS!


However, no afternoon naps for you Charlie! You need to be front and center on Thanksgiving Day!!

Pudge was so involved with his emails and the pictures of his friends that he was oblivious to the party details. The barn pals and goats were working hard to make everything just right so he had no worries. Everyone was so well trained and knew exactly what to do so Pudge was enjoying the quiet time for now………………..

Pudge thought about Thanksgiving and he knew that this is a special holiday and not just about the food. It’s about the friends and family and all the little things and the big things that bring us all together. It’s partly about the pumpkin pies, but it’s also about being together.

Finale told Pudge about how she luvd to be with Mom Donna…..



Miss Spotsy told Pudge about how she luvd her barn pals too………….

Miss Spotsy!
Miss Spotsy!

Cousin Izzy luvd his barn pals too!


Then at the end of the email list there was an email from Pudder!

Pudder is highly upset! Pudder luvs to be together with Mom Donna, Barn Kittah’s, the Goats, Mr. Toad, The Donut Wizard, Luvly Lula, Miss Spotsy, Charlie and all the wonderful barn pals from Charming Acres Rescue but seriously a GREEN CAT???????????????????????

Spending Thanksgiving at the Thanksgiving Table with A Green Cat was not what Pudder envisioned!

Pudge thought, oh no, it was too good to be true, a problem free holiday was so not happening……………………………

And so As The Barn Turns and the Kittens do not purrr………………….

Will the Green Cat go away or will the Green Cat spoil the party??

Will Pudge get rid of the Green Cat????????????

Does the Green Cat know about Thanksgiving??????????????????

Will the Green Cat eat the Maple Donuts or will the Green Cat prefer lemon cake??????????????????

Will the Green Cat go to Charming Acres Rescue or will Charlie have to take the Green Cat to his barn????

Will anyone want to be together as long as there is a GREEN CAT at Thanksgiving??????????????????????

Stay tuned because the Green Cat is causing a stir, a ruckus and lots of commotion.

One thing for sure is that we have not seen the LAST of the Green Cat at Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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