As The Barn Turns, Season 4 – at the Holidays, Episode 32


Pudge asked Thor to take a good long look and find out what the snap, crackle and Pop was!!! The Season finale cliffhanger left us all wondering how Pudge and the barn pals near and far fared in the summer and into the fall. It seems there was a LOT happening and it all started with a snap, crackle and one pop!

Thor’s eyes looked down toward the treeline not far from the pasture. Lo and behold on the ground was their Pigeon and a little barn bluebird. Gee but the blue bird was so cute and pretty. Pudge and all the barn pals wandered over to the fence. Pudge neighed to the Pidgeon and Bluebird. Bluebird where were you going? Pigeon you better watch where you are going next time. The barn pals agreed, Pigeon needed to be more careful….taking care to not bump into Bluebird mid flight!

Bluebird landed on Pudge’s withers and told him that she was on the way to go visit the horses and ponies at Charming Acres Rescue! Pigeon was so intrigued. Pigeon suggested right on the spot that Pudge needs to send out an invite to Charming Acres to have a BIG BARN PARTY for Thanksgiving! All the horses can come for the afternoon. Mom Potter and Jordan will be busy making a big dinner so there would be plenty of pumpkin pie to go around! Buttons even turned into a master chef this summer so she was already planning the menu! Woo Hoo! Pudge could hardly wait!

So BlueBird flew off to Gap PA so she could land on the withers of Reign. Reign is the barn mare Mom so she’ll get all the horses and ponies together to start making plans.

Reign at Charming Acres Rescue
Reign at Charming Acres Rescue

Captain, Pudge, Thor and Rafiki in Manheim are delighted to throw a big shindig too. Oh and Bo the Donut Wizard can bring the Maple Donuts!!!!!!! Mom Donna can load up the truck and bring Bo and Pudder too!

Pudge commenced to writing up the invitations on the barn pooter. Thanks to the IT skills of Nemo from Massachusetts the iBarnCloud was running like a top! All systems go to get those invites out to all the barn pals near and far. First Up Champion Finale! Whoa and she even got new halter bling over the summer too!

Oh and of course Luvly Lula and Miss Spotsy will come to the party!

Bluebird arrived at Charming Acres rescue and spread the happy news! Pudge’s Party on Thanksgiving, biggest in all of Manheim and all the horses are invited! YAY!!!!!!!!! All the horses and ponies whinnied! Party at Pudges!

Happy horses and now they wondered what they’d wear to the party!!!

Luvly Lula emailed Pudge and said she’d luv to come and she’ll wear her new saddle blanket bling…..

Luvly Lula!
Luvly Lula!

Miss Spotsy said she had a great blanket to wear too!

Miss Spotsy!
Miss Spotsy!

Thor said that he’ll bring his APPETITE! WOL!


Cousin Izzy and Uncle Cisco said they’ll bring their appetites too – Double WOL!!!!!!!!

Pudge remembered he has a student to invite too! Pudge had been so busy having fun with Indy watching the races and eating the good treats from Buttons and her Tackroom kitchen all summer and half the Fall long, but he also was assigned a brand new job…. Pudge has to mentor his friend Charlie. Charlie likes to take naps so Pudge decided he’d give him a wake up call………….

Oh Charlie it’s time to wake up!!!!!!!!!


Charlie’s barn cat looks a little grumpy so Pudge thought coming to a party would cheer him up!

Barn Kittah

Miss Spotsy sent an email that she’s bring plenty of kisses………………..

So it was settled, big party and LOTS to do!! Now to find Buttons. Buttons, Mable and Cruella will be busy working on the treats so it was menu planning time….. Buttons where are you!

Here I am Pudge, she said!

Little Buttons!
Little Buttons!

Pudge stood in the stall munching and thinking… Hmmmm I hope that the party will be a success, but he has this nagging feeling in the back of his withers that he was forgetting something……..

And so As The Barn Turns, the pumpkin pies bake and Pudge ponders……………………

Will Pigeon and Bluebird be able to transport all the horses to the party without bumping into each other mid flight????????

Will Kelly Conner from Charming Acres Rescue mind if all the horses leave the farm and go to Pudge’s barn in Manheim for Thanksgiving, or will she be glad to relax in the barnyard watching the leaves fall off the tree???????????????????

Will Cruiser the baby foal from Kelly’s barn have to eat baby food or can he sit at the barn table and eat the big food instead??????

Will Barbie steal Pudge’s heart with her beauty and will Luvly Lula, Miss Spotsy and Champion Finale be jealous?? After all she is a gorgeous and talented Saddlebred!!!!!!!!!!

Will Nellie and Glory have to teach Finn and Charm table manners since they’re still babies and might not know what tables are or manners are either????????????????

Will Mom Potter have enough Pumpkin Pies made and will Mom Donna be able to get the Maple Donuts to Manheim without Pudder eating them all first!!!!!!!!!!

All these questions and more to follow – we always get the answers but then again we always get more questions too…..

Stay tuned as the leaves fall and the bluebird flies! Oh yes and a Pigeon too!


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