As The Barn Turns, Season 3, Episode 31, Season Finale!

Pudge Potter!
Pudge Potter!

Pudge looked around the pasture. It was a big one. Yups it is sure nice here. Pudge and all the pals were plum tuckered from moving to their new farmette. They had just celebrated Luvly Lula’s birthday and now it was time to relax and enjoy the new countryside. Life was sure good and they were happy as they were tired.

They took to the new pasture with ease and enjoyed exploring..


Captain enjoyed the fresh Spring grass too…


Thor was always near Lily’s side and they were also enjoying the new countryside!


Sometimes Mom Potter would call Pudge and his pals to come to dinner but they had other ideas. They just luvd the pasture so much!


Eventually she coaxed Pudge in for this dinner and the rest would follow.


Pudge and Thor luvd to have Snooter Contests and Miss Spotsy would be the judge. Trouble was she could never decide which Snooter was the best snooter and so they tied the contest every time!


Luvly Lula was steamy for Pudge so he would always win!


Champion Finale, Uncle Cisco and Cousin Izzy luvd Pudge’s new pasture too and promised to come visit when the finished enjoying the Spring grass at the Rhein Ranch!

Pudder and Sofie sent Pudge and pals a gift certificate to Tractor Supply company as a barn warming gift. Gee oh gee but they sure are dear friends!

Bo the donut wizard sent Mom Potter, Pudge and all the Barn pals a baker’s dozen of donuts from Maple Donuts in York. What a delicious treat. But of course Mom Donna, Aunty Chris and Aunty Angela offered to bring them to the new pasture but Pigeon took them up instead. He was afraid they’d eat them! So off they went to a local restaurant and took a selfie to say congrats Pudge on your new home!

Aunty Angela, Mom Donna and Aunty Chris!
Aunty Angela, Mom Donna and Aunty Chris!

Barn Kittah was around somewhere but he was camera shy. So Jordan and Will decided to do a selfie too!


Buttons made sugar cookies but she, Mable and Cruella were so busy baking cookies they did not have time for a new barn selfie!

Sugar Cookies!!
Sugar Cookies!!

Pudge, Lily and the boys were relaxing and snoozing in the warm sunshine of Lancaster County. They were content and happy.

ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snap,crackle and Pop!! What was that!

Thor the brave one went to investigate the noise! What was that! Pudge neighed to be careful! Thor ever so brave took a look!


Well whattdya know! Thor stood there and looked……………

And so as Thor Looks and As The Barn Turns, Spins, rattles, rolls and pops!!

What will be revealed in Season 4????

Was Thor scared????
Was Pudge scared???
Were the goats scared????

Did Mom Potter eat all the sugar cookies or did Will eat the sugar cookies and ask Buttons for pumpkin pie? Did Jordan ask for pumpkin pie or was she the one who ate all the sugar cookies?

Why is it so hard for Miss Spotsy to choose a snooter winner?
Why is it so easy for Luvly Lula to choose a snooter winner?
Did Champion Finale ever choose a snooter winner or was she left out???

Did Pigeon get the donuts up to the new farm?
What restaurant did Mom Donna go to for the selfies?
Did Bo the donut wizard go too or was he too busy making the donuts??

Did Pudge ever get any rest after moving day?

And were were Mouse, Toad and Chippper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the cast of characters and crew from As The Barn Turns sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading Season 3 as much as we enjoyed living and creating it. It truly is a labor of luv not to mention drama, mystery and innuendo to the hilt!

We hope you have a wonderful Summer and come back to us in the Fall as Season 4 ramps up with some answers to your questions but truthfully you can also expect a ton of more questions in the answers to the questions!!

Have a safe and happy summer!!!


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