As The Barn Turns: Remembering Dad

Gerorge Potter
Gerorge Potter

Pudge and all his barn pals gathered in the barn to get ready for the celebration. They had learned that their beluvd Dad had gone to heaven above. They decided that the best thing they could do was to have a grand party to remember Dad and all the good things he had done for them and horses and animals just about everywhere. They were so sad, but they also knew that George would want them to keep on going and doing. Live life to the fullest and enjoy it. Expect some bumps in the road but persevere. That was strength and that was their Dad.

Buttons, Mable and Cruella found the cherished cookbook and decided to make brownies and carrot juice. They were going all out for their Dad. George luvd all creatures great and small and worked very hard to give those unfortunate ones the help that was needed. This party was about all that and more.

Barn Kittah, Doggies, Mouse, Toad and Chipper were there. Pigeon flew in with Champion Finale, Uncle Cisco, and Cousin Izzy. Mom Donna, Bo the donut wizard, Aunty Chris and Aunty Angela were there too. Luvly Lula was there from California and Miss Spotsy too. Lily, Thor, Captain and Pudge were at the table with all their friends. They were all in place to honor their Dad.

Pudge stood up and gave a soft nicker. Pudge decided to propose a toast and they all lifted up their hooves and paws…..

Pudge talked about how much they were missing their Dad and always would. He also shared about how he got his name “Pudge”. Pudge was George’s nickname from when he was young. Pudge was just so proud that HE would always have Dad’s name. Pudge then asked that everyone share something about Dad that gave them happiness.

Lily was very happy to share about how she enjoyed it so much when Dad would take her out on rides in the riding ring. She was Dad’s very own Percheron and she took pride in that.


Thor and Captain shared how they luvd to see Dad come to the barn to visit and offer a carrot or two or three and if they were really lucky he would pull out a peppermint from his shirt pocket! They really luvd sharing about those special times in the barn.

Champion Finale reminded everyone about how lucky all the horses were that found forever homes when George and Pat founded Mt Hope Horse Rescue. Uncle Cisco thought it was pretty amazing that George often went to the auctions and rarely came home without a horse or two in the trailer. Cousin Izzy chimed in about the time George found Patches at the auction. Patches had lost his eye somehow and George knew that would not be good so he brought Patches home and with Pat and all the help of the volunteers they got him into good health and now he has a beautiful forever home! So many lives saved, so many homes found.

George worked hard and was not afraid to work hard either. Even when he was not feeling good sometimes the horses would see him out in yard or in the barn doing his best to keep things going. He would be out in the yard with the doggies and taking care of his yard. Pudge would often look up from his grazing and take comfort in the sight of Dad using his lawn tools working in the yard.

George Potter, Founder of MHHR
George Potter, Founder of MHHR

Everyone knew that George luvd being outside with his doggies!

Mom Donna, Aunty Chris and Aunty Angela shared about all the times they came to help out at the fundraisers and they’d see Goerge working and spending time with the friends who came to help the horses in the earlier days of the rescue. George was a focal point of the rescue and did so much to help horses. He luvd the horses so much.

Pudge then went into his stall and brought out the adopted horses scrapbook. Pages and pages and blogs and blogs about all the horses Mom and Dad has saved and found homes for. Pudge was overcome by emotion by all the horses. Yups, he thought, Dad was pretty special doing all that he could to help horses. How lucky we are to have had Dad in our lives encouraging us to do our best, give our best and be the best.. He set the bar pretty high didn’t he? Pudge and all his friends raised their hooves and paws high! Thank you Dad for bringing hope to so many with your rescue work. Thank you for having the passion and fortitude to keep going when things were difficult. Thank you for showing us your strength and your luv for creatures big and small. Thank you for all you did. You opened up your heart and your home to give something that was missing to those who had nothing. You left a lasting legacy that will be remembered. Thank you Dad for just being who you are. Thanks to you, we are who we are. We will miss you and luv you always.

The evening sky approached and the Winking Moon and Herdmaster appeared. They assured Pudge and his pals that George was already hard at work with the big herd in the big sky. Pudge they said, “Please do not worry, he is here with us and it will be ok.”

Pudge looked up nickered, “So Long for now Dad, until we meet again.”



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