As The Barn Turns, Season 3, Episode 27! Recipes Anyone????????


Pudge looked at the crying Buttons. Buttons was upset. Mom and Dad Potter, Jordan and Will and Lily appeared at the barn door! Pudge was bewildered. What to do. All this commotion, crying, scurrying and clamoring! Please tell me what this is all about Pudge thought.

Dad Potter cleared his throat and Mom Potter beamed! Jordan told all the barn pals that St Patricks Day is coming and everyone was so excited. Buttons was crying though! “Buttons what is the matter?” Will said. Finally it was coming. Buttons told Pudge and all the barn pals that Mouse, Toad and Chipper took all her recipes and hid them in the barn somewhere. How was she to prepare for the big St. Patrick’s Day party with no recipes!!! Oh my dears! What a problem. Pudge told Buttons not to worry as we’ll get the recipes.

Then they heard some snickering from the hay bale…….


Captain came running as fast as he could from the pasture. Buttons! Don’t worrrrrrryyyyyyy, he neighed! I’ll get the recipes!!!!!

Again, more snickering from the hay bale……………….

Where is Mr. Toad?
Where is Mr. Toad?

Champion Finale sent a text on the pooter at just that moment. She had heard on the iBarnCloud network that there were some missing St. Patrick’s Day recipes so she would help search all the hay bales at the Rhein Ranch just in case!

What about the Toad?
What about the Toad?

Toad hopped out of the hay bale and in a bold move he told Pudge that the recipes are in a secret hiding place. They are all upset because Buttons would not give them a midnight snack so they hid the recipes! Ribbet Ribbet and off he hopped!

Pudge was mystified. No midnight treat? Missing recipes and now Mom and Dad want a big shindig to celebrate????

Will said to Buttons to make sure that the pumpkin pie was ready for the party and then he and Jordan decided to go to the movies for the afternoon. Mom and Dad Potter gave Pudge all the instructions and they decided to go to the movies too.

Pudge thought of all the fun the party was going to be but first they just have to find those recipes!!!


Thor gave Buttons the Brave Look! Buttons never fear we will find those recipes!!!


Pudder sent a message to the barn pals on the pooter too! Don’t worry Buttons! We’ll find those recipes!!


Trooper will check the Farmhouse for the recipes!

Barn Kittah
Barn Kittah

Barn Kittah now House Kittah will search the quilts!

Looking for Summer!
Looking for Summer!

Miss Spotsy is looking in Virginia too!


Smooches for Pudge from California! The recipes are not here but I luv you to the Moon and Stars and back says Luvly Lula!!!

Buttons stopped crying and felt better that all the pals were going to help find her recipes. In the meantime she thought she’s make some hot cocoa!

And As The Barn Turns and the chocolate warms……………………

Will the recipes for the St. Patrick’s Day shindig be found in time?????

Does Bo the Donut Wizard have any idea where the recipes are??????

Did Pigeon take the recipes to California??

Were Chipper and Mouse in on this or was it just TOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Pudge solve this dilemma by March 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Buttons cry again for her recipes??????????????????????

Is there any chance that there will be pumpkin pie for Will?????????

What movie did Mom and Dad Potter go see???????

Did Jordan like the movie or did she wish she was with Thor taking selfies in the pasture???????

Stay tuned for the mystery of the missing St. Patrick’s Day recipes continues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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