As The Barn Turns! Season 3, Episode 26: The Snowy Snooters!


The Oscar Party was a smashing success! Pudge and all the barn pals celebrated until the following morning on the barn red carpet. Mom and Dad Potter along with Jordan and Will, doggies, ferrets and house kittahs (formerly Barn Kittahs!) swooped it up in the farmhouse too. They all celebrated the Golden Award night when all the actors and actresses of the big screen were congratulated on their fine wins. Mom Potter did in fact make a huge batch of homemade butternut squash lasagne! Will is not overly fond of squash so Jordan made him a big pumpkin pie since that was his favorite.

Pudge and all the barn pals were out in the snow letting the snow flakes land on their snooters and a good time was had by all two days later. It took everyone a couple of days to recover from lasagne and buckwheat salad that Buttons made!


But finally the pals were out kicking up their heels in the fresh new snow!


And a little more snow fun….


Uncle Cisco sent a text telling Pudge and the pals that they were also recovering from their Oscar party celebrations too. Bo the Donut Wizard sent up some croissants and coffee to help too! But the best part was Aunty Chris told the pets in Lancaster that she had to go visit Cisco and would be at the Rhein Ranch for a few day! Uncle Cisco was on Cloud 9!


Aunty Chris had so much fun and she updated Champion Finale on all the news!


Mom Donna and Aunty Angela came to the Rhein Ranch too and they took Cousin Izzy and Champion Finale for a SNOWY SNOOTER RIDE! Whoa! What fun! Uncle Cisco stayed behind with Aunty Chris as he did not want to miss ONE minute of time with her!

Uncle Cisco rolled in the snow once they got back from their ride. Oh what a great day!


Cousin Izzy watched the snow land on his snooter!


Champion Finale sent Pudge a picture of herself just for him!


Oh boy is she SO PRETTY!!

Pudge was warming up in the barn enjoying his pooter messages. Then one arrived from Luvly Lula all the way from California!


She said she was steaming for Pudge! Pudge replied back he was 50 + Shades of Snooter and Steam too!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Then Miss Spotsy wrote and she sent her picture too. She did not have as much snow but she sure is pretty too! She was with her barn pals and they had so much fun celebrating the Oscars too!


Pudge was just about to shut down the pooter when he received a pop up picture from Thor and Jordan! What??? They were out in the pasture and took a SELFIE!! Pudge thought that was so cute. A selfie! How about that he thought.

Pudge really luvd their selfie!


Buttons came running out of the Tack Room Kitchen! Then Mouse, Toad and Chipper ran into the hay bale and they all three were crying!!! Pudge heard the doggies barking on the farmhouse porch and then all the pals were galloping as fast as they could to the barn!

What is this?? Pudge looked at the barn door and then at Buttons, Mable and Cruella!


The next thing Pudge knew he was snooter to snooter with Lily and she looked like she had something important to say…………………….


Mom and Dad Potter along with Jordan and Will were running to the barn!

What could be going on?????????????????????????????

And As The Barn Turns and the horses gallop and humans run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What could be the excitement?

More Drama?
More Fun?
More Snooters in the SNOW!
More 50 + Shades of Snooters and Steam????????/

Is there a movie in the works?????????

Will Bo send up Donuts for breakfast??????????
Did Pigeon go to Hollywood for the weekend to transport the stars their parties??????

Why was Buttons crying? Why were Toad, Mouse and Chipper in the haybale????

What did Lily have to say to Pudge??????

Please stay tuned as the drama unfolds in a week, maybe two or perhaps 50 or more episodes of steam!!!

One thing we know is that there are answers, we have patience but we always have more questions than answers!

The other thing we know for sure is that there is definitely snow on the snooters!


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