Indy’s Racing Thoughts! The Road to the Roses Continues!

Indy! Your friend in Racing!
Indy! Your friend in Racing!

Dear friends!

We had a couple of weeks off from the races as we mourn the loss of Pudge’s Dad, George Potter. Thanks to George and his love for horses and rescue, I was able to move from the race track to a wonderful forever home now located in the Peach State of Georgia! I have wonderful humans to dote on me and take great care of me and I am forever grateful that George made that dream a reality. George was also a horse racing fan and enjoyed our racig blog here. He would often read the blogs as soon as they were published so he could get caught up on the racing news.

George is greatly missed today and will always be missed. However! He would want us to continue working hard each day just as he did. We fondly remember Pudge’s Dad and for that reason we will keep on following the races just as he would have!

And as they say….

Away they go!

Pudge and I missed our races for part of March so here is the link to the listing of races, the replays and much more:

The Leader board link:
Congrats to International Star for securing the top place in the list after a dynamic run in the Louisiana Derby on this past Saturday!

The Fillies and their preps for the Oaks can be found here:

This weekend there are some very exciting races coming up for the colts and fillies:

Namely the Wood at Aqueduct, Santa Anita Derby at Santa Anita and the Bluegrass Stakes to delight you at the Opening weekend at Keeneland!

The fillies will be running at Aqueduct in the Gazelle, Keeneland’s Ashland Stakes and the Fantasy Stakes at Oakland Park.

After this we have one more weekend of preps to go before the Derby! NBC Sports Network will have coverage of the preps starting at 5:30 pm on Saturday, April 4th so you want to be on the watch for that!

Next week we’ll have the full recap of Saturday’s racing along with links to the replays. Today we learned that Far From Over is now off the Derby trail due to a fracture discovered during training this week. We’ll be wishing him well for his surgery and recovery and with the hope that he’ll return later on and continue his quest of greatness on the track and off.

Pudge and I thank you for all your support during this time of loss. George was a fan of horses and racing and so we will continue to forge ahead with our racing news as he would have wanted us to. God speed and take care everyone!

Your friends in racing, Indy and Pudge ♥


As The Barn Turns: Remembering Dad

Gerorge Potter
Gerorge Potter

Pudge and all his barn pals gathered in the barn to get ready for the celebration. They had learned that their beluvd Dad had gone to heaven above. They decided that the best thing they could do was to have a grand party to remember Dad and all the good things he had done for them and horses and animals just about everywhere. They were so sad, but they also knew that George would want them to keep on going and doing. Live life to the fullest and enjoy it. Expect some bumps in the road but persevere. That was strength and that was their Dad.

Buttons, Mable and Cruella found the cherished cookbook and decided to make brownies and carrot juice. They were going all out for their Dad. George luvd all creatures great and small and worked very hard to give those unfortunate ones the help that was needed. This party was about all that and more.

Barn Kittah, Doggies, Mouse, Toad and Chipper were there. Pigeon flew in with Champion Finale, Uncle Cisco, and Cousin Izzy. Mom Donna, Bo the donut wizard, Aunty Chris and Aunty Angela were there too. Luvly Lula was there from California and Miss Spotsy too. Lily, Thor, Captain and Pudge were at the table with all their friends. They were all in place to honor their Dad.

Pudge stood up and gave a soft nicker. Pudge decided to propose a toast and they all lifted up their hooves and paws…..

Pudge talked about how much they were missing their Dad and always would. He also shared about how he got his name “Pudge”. Pudge was George’s nickname from when he was young. Pudge was just so proud that HE would always have Dad’s name. Pudge then asked that everyone share something about Dad that gave them happiness.

Lily was very happy to share about how she enjoyed it so much when Dad would take her out on rides in the riding ring. She was Dad’s very own Percheron and she took pride in that.


Thor and Captain shared how they luvd to see Dad come to the barn to visit and offer a carrot or two or three and if they were really lucky he would pull out a peppermint from his shirt pocket! They really luvd sharing about those special times in the barn.

Champion Finale reminded everyone about how lucky all the horses were that found forever homes when George and Pat founded Mt Hope Horse Rescue. Uncle Cisco thought it was pretty amazing that George often went to the auctions and rarely came home without a horse or two in the trailer. Cousin Izzy chimed in about the time George found Patches at the auction. Patches had lost his eye somehow and George knew that would not be good so he brought Patches home and with Pat and all the help of the volunteers they got him into good health and now he has a beautiful forever home! So many lives saved, so many homes found.

George worked hard and was not afraid to work hard either. Even when he was not feeling good sometimes the horses would see him out in yard or in the barn doing his best to keep things going. He would be out in the yard with the doggies and taking care of his yard. Pudge would often look up from his grazing and take comfort in the sight of Dad using his lawn tools working in the yard.

George Potter, Founder of MHHR
George Potter, Founder of MHHR

Everyone knew that George luvd being outside with his doggies!

Mom Donna, Aunty Chris and Aunty Angela shared about all the times they came to help out at the fundraisers and they’d see Goerge working and spending time with the friends who came to help the horses in the earlier days of the rescue. George was a focal point of the rescue and did so much to help horses. He luvd the horses so much.

Pudge then went into his stall and brought out the adopted horses scrapbook. Pages and pages and blogs and blogs about all the horses Mom and Dad has saved and found homes for. Pudge was overcome by emotion by all the horses. Yups, he thought, Dad was pretty special doing all that he could to help horses. How lucky we are to have had Dad in our lives encouraging us to do our best, give our best and be the best.. He set the bar pretty high didn’t he? Pudge and all his friends raised their hooves and paws high! Thank you Dad for bringing hope to so many with your rescue work. Thank you for having the passion and fortitude to keep going when things were difficult. Thank you for showing us your strength and your luv for creatures big and small. Thank you for all you did. You opened up your heart and your home to give something that was missing to those who had nothing. You left a lasting legacy that will be remembered. Thank you Dad for just being who you are. Thanks to you, we are who we are. We will miss you and luv you always.

The evening sky approached and the Winking Moon and Herdmaster appeared. They assured Pudge and his pals that George was already hard at work with the big herd in the big sky. Pudge they said, “Please do not worry, he is here with us and it will be ok.”

Pudge looked up nickered, “So Long for now Dad, until we meet again.”


Indy’s Racing Thoughts! The Road to the Roses!!

Indy! Your friend in Racing!
Indy! Your friend in Racing!

Dear friends!

Whoa! Greetings from my barn in sunny Georgia and Pudge’s barn in snowy Manheim. Pudge tells me things have been warming up in Manheim as of late and Spring is nearly here. That is music to our ears and puts a spring in our hooves!!! We have been enjoying the Derby Preps and last weekend was a weekend packed full of races! Racing for the 3 year olds and the older horses too. Did you see Shared Belief win the Big Cap! Whoa he has wings. Never disappoints. Truly a talent.

Speaking of talent and excitement we have the details for the three Derby preps and away we go…..

First up:

Tampa Bay Derby
Tampa Bay
Distance: 1 1/16 miles
March 7, 2015

Top Finishers on the Board:
Win: Carpe Diem
Place: Ami’s Flatter
Show: Divine Rod

The Tampa Bay Derby (G2) showcased a thrilling stretch run for favorite Carpe Diem who was also even money. He stalked the pace early on and then won strongly by five lengths in this his 3 YRO debut.

Trained by hall of famer Todd Pletcher he handled the 1 1/16 miles route with a great run. He made it look so fluid. Johnny V. in the irons once again rides to victory.

Carpe Diem gains 50 to his standings on the Road to the Roses Leaderboard to add to the 14 he had. Now with 64 points to his credit he is looking mighty formidable!

Ami’s Flatter finished second for 20 points and Divining Rod gets 10 points for his effort. Fourth Placed Danzig Moon earned five points.

Source & Race Replay:
Winning Time: 1:43:60

San Felipe
Santa Anita Park
Distance: 1 1/16 miles
March 7, 2015

Top Finishers on the Board:
Win: Dortmund
Place: Prospect Park
Show: Bolo

Dortmund won the $400,000 San Felipe Stakes by 1¼ lengths Saturday!! He wins yet again and continues to improve with each race. He is a solid contender for those gate in May. We are so excited about this young colt by champion Big Brown.

Martin Garcia was in the irons and his charge made a convincing run in the ten horse field The colt is trained by Bob Baffert, who now has FIVE San Felipe victories in his court. Both Garcia and Baffert have a great deal of confidence in this colt and getting the distance should not be an issue.

Dortmund earned 50 points for his performance in this race. The chestnut colt is one of Baffert’s two top Derby contenders. Baffert is also strong on American Pharaoh who is the other contender.

Prospect Park made a solid race too. Pudge and I were impressed with his strong 2nd place finish. He dug in but Dortmund dug in a touch harder once he knew Prospect Park was knocking on the door.

It’s all about Dortmund in this one. Ocho Ocho Ocho was defeated after carrying a multiple race winning streak. Tough break for him but we’ll see what he does next time out. He’s a talent too so stay tuned.

Source & Race Replay:
Winning time: 1:41:65

Distance: 1 1/16 miles
March 7, 2015

Top Finishers on the Board:
Win: El Kabeir
Place: Tiz Shea D
Show: Classy Class

El Kabeir made a grand run in the stretch and cruised to victory after being stuck near the back of the pack for much of the race. Overcoming traffic he powered through for the win in a commanding fashion!!! He is a very solid contender and we’re hoping to see another performance like this if he heads to the Wood Memorial next.

Tiz Shea D earned 20 points for the show with Classy Class in third for 10 points. Toasting Master was fourth and picked up 5 points.

El Kabeir is trained by John Terranova. He also earned 50 points for the victory. He now has 75 points and most assuredly one of those gate positions at the Derby!

Way to go and now on to the Wood. His connections will stay in New York before heading to Churchill Downs. Stay healthy big guy and do your thing!

Winning time over a sloppy track: 1:45.46

Source & Race Replay:

Well there we are!! Is the Road to the Roses becoming clearer for you or are you still torn! Pudge and I love this year’s contenders as we did last year too. California Chrome made it pretty clear to Pudge and I early on that he would be pretty strong in the Derby. This year we see several that we think are on a solid path. It’s an interesting year and an exciting one.

Next up this Saturday will be The Rebel Stakes at Oaklawn Park. We had been looking forward to Take Charge Brandi taking on the boys but alas she has a knee chip and will sit this one out.

NBC and NBCSN will be showcasing the preps on TV starting on March 21st with a Derby Preview show. March 28th will be the Florida Derby and the Louisiana Derby on NBCSN. April 4th the Wood Memorial, Santa Anita Derby and Blue Grass Stakes will be televised on NBC and finally on April 11th, the Arkansas Derby will air on tv on CNBC. You don’t want to miss these races to stay tuned!

All for now,
Your friends in racing, Indy and Pudge ♥

As The Barn Turns, Season 3, Episode 27! Recipes Anyone????????


Pudge looked at the crying Buttons. Buttons was upset. Mom and Dad Potter, Jordan and Will and Lily appeared at the barn door! Pudge was bewildered. What to do. All this commotion, crying, scurrying and clamoring! Please tell me what this is all about Pudge thought.

Dad Potter cleared his throat and Mom Potter beamed! Jordan told all the barn pals that St Patricks Day is coming and everyone was so excited. Buttons was crying though! “Buttons what is the matter?” Will said. Finally it was coming. Buttons told Pudge and all the barn pals that Mouse, Toad and Chipper took all her recipes and hid them in the barn somewhere. How was she to prepare for the big St. Patrick’s Day party with no recipes!!! Oh my dears! What a problem. Pudge told Buttons not to worry as we’ll get the recipes.

Then they heard some snickering from the hay bale…….


Captain came running as fast as he could from the pasture. Buttons! Don’t worrrrrrryyyyyyy, he neighed! I’ll get the recipes!!!!!

Again, more snickering from the hay bale……………….

Where is Mr. Toad?
Where is Mr. Toad?

Champion Finale sent a text on the pooter at just that moment. She had heard on the iBarnCloud network that there were some missing St. Patrick’s Day recipes so she would help search all the hay bales at the Rhein Ranch just in case!

What about the Toad?
What about the Toad?

Toad hopped out of the hay bale and in a bold move he told Pudge that the recipes are in a secret hiding place. They are all upset because Buttons would not give them a midnight snack so they hid the recipes! Ribbet Ribbet and off he hopped!

Pudge was mystified. No midnight treat? Missing recipes and now Mom and Dad want a big shindig to celebrate????

Will said to Buttons to make sure that the pumpkin pie was ready for the party and then he and Jordan decided to go to the movies for the afternoon. Mom and Dad Potter gave Pudge all the instructions and they decided to go to the movies too.

Pudge thought of all the fun the party was going to be but first they just have to find those recipes!!!


Thor gave Buttons the Brave Look! Buttons never fear we will find those recipes!!!


Pudder sent a message to the barn pals on the pooter too! Don’t worry Buttons! We’ll find those recipes!!


Trooper will check the Farmhouse for the recipes!

Barn Kittah
Barn Kittah

Barn Kittah now House Kittah will search the quilts!

Looking for Summer!
Looking for Summer!

Miss Spotsy is looking in Virginia too!


Smooches for Pudge from California! The recipes are not here but I luv you to the Moon and Stars and back says Luvly Lula!!!

Buttons stopped crying and felt better that all the pals were going to help find her recipes. In the meantime she thought she’s make some hot cocoa!

And As The Barn Turns and the chocolate warms……………………

Will the recipes for the St. Patrick’s Day shindig be found in time?????

Does Bo the Donut Wizard have any idea where the recipes are??????

Did Pigeon take the recipes to California??

Were Chipper and Mouse in on this or was it just TOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Pudge solve this dilemma by March 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Buttons cry again for her recipes??????????????????????

Is there any chance that there will be pumpkin pie for Will?????????

What movie did Mom and Dad Potter go see???????

Did Jordan like the movie or did she wish she was with Thor taking selfies in the pasture???????

Stay tuned for the mystery of the missing St. Patrick’s Day recipes continues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indy’s Racing Thoughts! The Road to the Roses: The Fillies run in the Santa Ysabel

Indy! Your friend in Racing!
Indy! Your friend in Racing!

Hi Friends!!

Whoa and greetings to one and all from my barn here in Georgia and Pudge’s snowy barn in Manheim PA! It’s been pretty cold up in the north and Pudge tells me he’s been busy making snow angels when he’s not watching the races and asking his friend Buttons for hot cocoas! As for me the South has been a little chilly too and some icing so we are all being careful and taking good care.

This week the boys took a break from the Championship racing and so our attention turned to a prep race the fillies ran for the Kentucky Oaks! Pudge and I never tire of watching the fillies and we saw a nice race in the Santa Ysabel!

Date: February 28, 2015
Track: Santa Anita Park
Race: Santa Ysabel
Distance: 1 1/16 miles

The winner of the race, Stellar Wind, had Victor Espinoza in the irons and she pulled off a “stellar” win if you will after a slow break at the start. She pretty much chased the pace and took the wide route after the second turn and came up through the stretch to break off from the pack and take the lead with over 2 lengths between her and second place finisher Light The City! Glory was third and Achiever’s Legacy came up in fourth.

In case you have not heard, Stellar Wind is a nice chestnut filly by Curlin and her Mom is Evening Star by the famous Malibu Moon! She’s a pretty girl with a white blaze. In three lifetime starts including this stakes race she has finished on the board with two wins and one third place. The other two races were maiden special weights. Pudge and I think she has inherited some natural talent and she is also evolving more and more with each race experience. She is trained by John Sadler and owned by Hronis Racing, LLC. She picked up 50 points and a 4th place position on the Oaks Leaderboard! Oh boy! She’s right up there with Take Charge Brandi, Condo Commando, I’m a Chatterbox and Ekati’s Phaeton!

To see her fabulous win and powerful stretch run please go to this link:

What’s coming you ask?

March 7th:
Fillies Kentucky Oaks Prep:
Honey Bee at Oaklawn Park!

March 7th:
Kentucky Derby Preps:
Gotham at Aqueduct! The Big A!
San Felipe at Santa Anita Park!
Tampa Bay Derby at Tampa Bay!

Busy weekend of racing coming so stay tuned as we continue our coverage of the Road to the Roses, Oaks and those coveted gates at Churchill Downs the first weekend in May!

Your friends in racing, Indy and Pudge ♥

As The Barn Turns! Season 3, Episode 26: The Snowy Snooters!


The Oscar Party was a smashing success! Pudge and all the barn pals celebrated until the following morning on the barn red carpet. Mom and Dad Potter along with Jordan and Will, doggies, ferrets and house kittahs (formerly Barn Kittahs!) swooped it up in the farmhouse too. They all celebrated the Golden Award night when all the actors and actresses of the big screen were congratulated on their fine wins. Mom Potter did in fact make a huge batch of homemade butternut squash lasagne! Will is not overly fond of squash so Jordan made him a big pumpkin pie since that was his favorite.

Pudge and all the barn pals were out in the snow letting the snow flakes land on their snooters and a good time was had by all two days later. It took everyone a couple of days to recover from lasagne and buckwheat salad that Buttons made!


But finally the pals were out kicking up their heels in the fresh new snow!


And a little more snow fun….


Uncle Cisco sent a text telling Pudge and the pals that they were also recovering from their Oscar party celebrations too. Bo the Donut Wizard sent up some croissants and coffee to help too! But the best part was Aunty Chris told the pets in Lancaster that she had to go visit Cisco and would be at the Rhein Ranch for a few day! Uncle Cisco was on Cloud 9!


Aunty Chris had so much fun and she updated Champion Finale on all the news!


Mom Donna and Aunty Angela came to the Rhein Ranch too and they took Cousin Izzy and Champion Finale for a SNOWY SNOOTER RIDE! Whoa! What fun! Uncle Cisco stayed behind with Aunty Chris as he did not want to miss ONE minute of time with her!

Uncle Cisco rolled in the snow once they got back from their ride. Oh what a great day!


Cousin Izzy watched the snow land on his snooter!


Champion Finale sent Pudge a picture of herself just for him!


Oh boy is she SO PRETTY!!

Pudge was warming up in the barn enjoying his pooter messages. Then one arrived from Luvly Lula all the way from California!


She said she was steaming for Pudge! Pudge replied back he was 50 + Shades of Snooter and Steam too!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Then Miss Spotsy wrote and she sent her picture too. She did not have as much snow but she sure is pretty too! She was with her barn pals and they had so much fun celebrating the Oscars too!


Pudge was just about to shut down the pooter when he received a pop up picture from Thor and Jordan! What??? They were out in the pasture and took a SELFIE!! Pudge thought that was so cute. A selfie! How about that he thought.

Pudge really luvd their selfie!


Buttons came running out of the Tack Room Kitchen! Then Mouse, Toad and Chipper ran into the hay bale and they all three were crying!!! Pudge heard the doggies barking on the farmhouse porch and then all the pals were galloping as fast as they could to the barn!

What is this?? Pudge looked at the barn door and then at Buttons, Mable and Cruella!


The next thing Pudge knew he was snooter to snooter with Lily and she looked like she had something important to say…………………….


Mom and Dad Potter along with Jordan and Will were running to the barn!

What could be going on?????????????????????????????

And As The Barn Turns and the horses gallop and humans run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What could be the excitement?

More Drama?
More Fun?
More Snooters in the SNOW!
More 50 + Shades of Snooters and Steam????????/

Is there a movie in the works?????????

Will Bo send up Donuts for breakfast??????????
Did Pigeon go to Hollywood for the weekend to transport the stars their parties??????

Why was Buttons crying? Why were Toad, Mouse and Chipper in the haybale????

What did Lily have to say to Pudge??????

Please stay tuned as the drama unfolds in a week, maybe two or perhaps 50 or more episodes of steam!!!

One thing we know is that there are answers, we have patience but we always have more questions than answers!

The other thing we know for sure is that there is definitely snow on the snooters!