As The Barn Turns! Season 3, Episode 24: Barn Pals and Valentines!


It was Valentines Day and everywhere Pudge looked it was all about the heart. Pudge’s barn pals were so full of excitement and were all looking forward to celebrating the big day!

Lily and Thor were making some real connections…..


The goats were planning some party treats……..

Captain was kicking up his heels!


Cousin Izzy and Uncle Cisco were singing Valentine luv songs to Champion Finale!

Pudder was decorating Mom Donna’s House while Sofie watched….


Sofie watched and then she slept too!

Miss Spotsy and pals sent Pudge a little luv note too! They were having fun in the pasture!


Luvly Lula sent Pudge a card and a beautiful Snooter picture! Pudge was totally enamored so he rolled in the pasture!

Oh that Luvly Lula, so thoughtful and special she is!

Lily flirted with Thor A LOT!


Lily’s come hither look melted Thor’s heart!


The luv Pudge felt for all his friends was bound to melt the snow!


Soon it was time to come into the barn and enjoy the luvly Valentine’s Day party. The Winking Moon was high in the sky to shine the moonbeams of luv down upon all their withers. The moon was at the Rhein Ranch and the moonbeams went all the way to Manheim too!

All the barn pals were happily enjoying their treats made ever so luvingly by the goats….It truly was an evening to remember…..


Pudge awoke to a whisper in his ear… Pudge, Pudge Pudge! The pretty little voice was in his ear but he was not quite ready to face the day.

Was this a valentine dream??? Just whose snooter was whispering in Pudge’s ear!!!!!!!!!!!

And As The Barn Turns the barn pals get ready for Faschnacht day…………..

Who was whispering in Pudge’s ear?

Did Pudder get all the Valentines Day decorating done and now is he doing to decorate for St Patty’s Day?

Will Bo the Donut Wizard make the faschnacts? Or will they all get sold and there will be none left?????

Did Pudge get a box of Wilbur Buds with the Valentine Day card?????

Did Lily continue to flirt with Thor or was that just for Valentine’s Day?????

Did Pudge get cold making snow angels???????

Did Capt get cold kicking up his heels in the snow??????

Were there any Valentine’s Day treats left?????????

Did Pudge’s heart melt all the snow???????

Stay tuned for more drama and questions because one thing is for sure there are more and more questions!!!!

luv is in the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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