As The Barn Turns, Season 3, Episode 22: And That is What Friends are for!


The Superbowl party was turning out to be problematic for Pudge. To Pudge’s delight, Pigeon arrived in the barn with his smart Pigeon phone. On the phone was a picture sent up to Pudge!! Pudge looked at the picture. It was Miss Spotsy having a good roll in her pasture with her barn pals looking on! She sent Pudge a note that she had been in touch with Champion Finale. Finale made arrangements for Pigeon to pick up Pudge and all the barn pals and take them to the Rhein Ranch for the party instead. They had a full bale of hay to munch on, lots of moonlight and the barn internet was working well and the game was on!!

Pigeon extended the tree branch and they all hopped on! Off they flew to York to have the Superbowl Party to remember!

Champion Finale, Cousin Izzy and Uncle Cisco were beyond happy. Bo the Donut Wizard was not able to bring eclairs but he was coming to the party with all the boys from The Hustler Band and they were all bringing the party treats! They were bringing a Boston Creme Pie, Apple Fritters, Tater Tots, Carrot salad and Mango Ice Cream shakes! Finale knew that Buttons was so distraught about burning the treats in the barn microwave but Finale also knew all Pudge’s favorite treats too. So once Mom Donna explained to Bo all that had happened, the boys from The Hustler Band contacted all their Mom’s to make the treats!! Wallah! They had enough treats to feed the entire East Coast!

Finale was just SO HAPPY about this too!


She was grinning her best snooter grin!

Uncle Cisco was Happy and so was Cousin Izzy! Their friend would soon be at the party!

The Barn pals arrived and what a joy it was! Mom Donna was there, the Hustler Band was there, Bo the donut Wizard was there, the best treats in the world were there AND the missing HAY BALE was there!! Mouse, Toad and Chipper squealed in delight when they saw it in the pasture! They ran straight for it and jumped inside. Though it was a mystery as to how it got there, no one minded because they were all together, it was a party and it was fun!

Soon the sky turned to night and the Winking Moon made the happy rise in the dark sky. They all watched the Superbowl under the moonlight and the Herdmaster was neighing softly in the background each time a touch down was made….


It was a beautiful sight for them to see as they gazed out from the barn and across the pasture. True happiness!

Pudge had fun, but as he sat in the barn munching on his apple fritter his mind paused to think. Now this is what it’s all about and this is just what friends are for!

For Pudge it was not really about the game, the treats or all the problems that happened earlier in the day. No, for Pudge it was about his friends that he loves so much. It was about the beautiful Champion Finale who made the arrangements, Unce Cisco and Cousin Izzy rolling out the red barn carpet and it was about all the efforts of Bo the Donut Wizard and the Hustler Band to help make this time a happy moment. Sharing those special times with special friends just warmed his pony heart!!!

And As The Barn Turns and hearts grow fonder by the day and night………

Were there any clues as to how the hay bale found it’s way from Pudge’s barn in Manheim to the Rhein Ranch???

Did Miss Spotsy come to the party too or did she stay rolling in her pasture in Virginia?

Just where was Aunty Chris?? Was she pet sitting in Lancaster on Superbowl Sunday? Was Uncle Cisco wondering and if so was he ok with that????

Did Mom Donna like the Apple Fritters or did she prefer Boston Cream Pie? Did Bo the Donut Wizard like the Boston Cream Pie? Did Pudge let anyone have a slice of the Boston Cream Pie????

Did things settle down in Manheim yet????

Will Nemo ever get Pudge’s ibarnCloud Network running or will it be buried in Massachusetts under 5 feet of snow!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned to find out if the snow melts and the answers present themselves. One thing is for sure the snow is bound to melt before all the answers are known!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s what Friends are for!!!!!


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