As The Barn Turns, Season 3, Episode 21: The Barn Party and the Superbowl!

Pudge! Surveying the scene on the farm!
Pudge! Surveying the scene on the farm!

It’s Superbowl Sunday and the barn was in a state of excitement!! Pudge took in all the sights and smells of the big party preparation!! The goats were preparing a great feast for the barn table. Nemo still recovering from the effects of Blizzard 2015 in Massachusetts was ensuring the iBarnCloud Network was up and ready to telecast the big game on Pudge’s pooter.

The gang at the Rhein Ranch was also in great anticipation. Pudder and Sofie were working on getting their favorite spot picked out on the bed to watch the game at Mom Donna’s house.

Pudder and Sofie
Pudder and Sofie

Champion Finale and Mom Donna were gearing up by giving each other snooter kisses!

Champion Finale and Mom Donna!
Champion Finale and Mom Donna!

Uncle Cisco and Cousin Izzy were already enjoying some hay treats in their winter coats in the pasture!!

They were also hoping that Aunty Chris and Aunty Angela were coming to the big shindig at the Rhein Ranch!

Pudge and pals decided to get some fun in the snow while they waited for the game to start!!

Miss Spotsy had a big party planned at her barn in VA but they were thinking Spring and not Snow for their party theme!!


Luvly Lula of the luvly ones was on skype with California Chrome but that was not something Pudge was privy too and no pictures to prove it!!!

Mouse, Toad and Chipper decided they wanted to get their spots readied in the hay bale…. Trouble was where in the barn tarnation was the haybale????

“Pudge!”, they cried in anguish! “We cannot find our haybale!” Was this a joke or something intentional??? Just where was their favorite haybale. They kept crying for Pudge to help.

Pudge stood and reflected …..

What to do what to do!

All of a sudden there was a smell of burnt carrots and apple sauce!!! Buttons came flying out of the tack room kitchen along with Mable and Cruella!!

“Pudge!” they cried. What will they do Pudge thought. Oh no! A missing haybale, burnt treats what now!

Pudge once again stood and reflected on what to do….


Jordan came down the path from the farmhouse. She told the critters who were in the barn and so distressed about the snafus going on that to top it off the dogs and the barn kittahs were fighting in the farmhouse! And that was not all! The cable TV was out and the internet was down! Now we are in real trouble as the game is on and already started and we are not ready!!

What to do what to do!!!

Pigeon flew into the barn just at that moment. Oh no, now what! Pudge was afraid to find out. Pigeon exclaimed that Bo the donut wizard’s chocolate eclairs that he planned to bring to the party had been sold to a customer!!! So now even he has no treats for the party. Oh no, the barn pals not only have no original treats but the backup treats got sold! Pudge was in a real quandary. Our party is in a disaster mode!

No treats, no haybale, no backup treats, no pooter network connection, dogs and kittahs fighting in the farmhouse and the Luvly Lula is on Skype with YOU KNOW WHO!!!

Will this superbowl party get going or will it be a complete flop??? Will Katy Perry save the day with a spectacular half time show, will California Chrome save the day? Will Pudge figure it all out in time???? Will the barn pals miss the game and all the great Superbowl Commercials!!!!!!!!!!


Thor winked at Pudge and stuck out his tongue! Pudge was mystified by that. Thor told Pudge to hang tough, we’re gonna make it through this!!

So As The Barn Turns and the list of problems for Pudge to solve grows longer and longer…..

Will Pudge find out about Luvly Lula on Skype!!

Will Bo the donut wizard come to the party without the chocolate eclairs anyway!

Did any of this bother Mom Donna and Champion Finale or were they too busy to notice!

Just why were the dogs and Barn Kittahs fighting???

Did Nemo get the iBarnCloud Network up and running again!!

Why did Buttons burn the carrots and applesauce???


Stay tuned because these answers will come, but again, so do more questions!!!!

Could this be the missing haybale!!
Could this be the missing haybale!!

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