As The Barn Turns, Season 3, Episode 20: The After the Party party?

Bo the donut wizard and Mom Donna
Bo the donut wizard and Mom Donna

They were delighted that Bo the Donut Wizard decided to catch a ride in the truck with Mom Donna and Aunty Angela. Though it meant that the three of them ate the chocolate eclairs, Pudge was touched that they were all there. Champion Finale, Pudder, Uncle Cisco, Cousin Izzy and little Sofie were in the back in the trailer and they finished up the last of the eclairs. After all the trip to Manheim from York was long and they can easily work up an appetite so all was forgiven. Pudge took a picture of the two of them after they admitted to eating all the chocolate eclairs. They sure were happy about that!!!

Suffice to say the Eclipse Awards Party at Pudge’s barn in Manhiem was a huge success and all the barn pals made it just in time, even Trooper and Romeo were there. Those doggies thought that they were heading to Hawaii but found out a party celebrated in the barn from Florida was just as fun and even more entertaining. And so it goes.

Buttons came down from the barn roof after meowing like a barn kittah for nearly an hour! Pudge was aghast! “Buttons”, he said, “Why are you meowing like a barn kittah up on the barn roof?”. Buttons thought about it then she went on to tell Pudge that it was all because of Kittah Long Hairs who transformed into Kittah No Hairs. Buttons felt that because the little kittah was out of sorts it would be a good idea to show her that you may look different on the outside and do things that may be a little different, but that you’re the same critter on the inside. Buttons thought it was important to make Kittah No Hairs feel normal and special again and so she did. Little Kittah No Hairs left the party feeling like a million dollar kittah, or maybe even a billion dollar kittah. Well whatever it was, Buttons achieved her goal and that was to let the little Kittah know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts and she’ll eventually be Kittah Long Hairs once again, just give it time. Pudge sighed, how does a goat get to be that smart?? What a barn pal is that Buttons!

So after all the barn pals got home…… Miss Spotsy removed her Neighbelline equine makeup and put on her winter coat. She was styling with her barn pals all pretty in Pink and looking for luv! Pudge was impressed..

Pretty in Pink and looking for LUV!
Pretty in Pink and looking for LUV!

Champion Finale, Uncle Cisco and Cousin Izzy went home and put on their winter coats and munched on hay in their pasture at the Rhein Ranch…. and they were styling too.. Once again, Pudge was impressed and he wondered if they were looking for Luv too?

Barn pals at the Rhein Ranch
Barn pals at the Rhein Ranch

Buttons, Cruella and Mable went into the Tack Room Kitchen to figure out new recipes for the blog but ended up eating everything they made and forgot how to make them so the blog is still pending!!! Pudge was not impressed…..Lily told Pudge to never mind and that the goats are bunking with her until they get the blog figured out! Pudge was moved but wondered how such a smart bunch of goats could drag on about a blog. He thought, how hard is it to get a recipe on a blog????


Jordan, Will and Mom and Dad Potter went back to the farmhouse and learned that a winter storm was coming and they had to get ready!! Trooper decided to let the humans figure that out and took a snooze….


Romeo also went back into a deep snooze but he slept under the couch!! That really amused Pudge..


Pudder and Sofie decided to take a nap too… Pudge thought they looked so cozy!

Pudder and Sofie
Pudder and Sofie

Pudder fell out of the bed and started rolling and giggling on the floor! Pudge thought that was hilarious!


Thor and Captain decided to head to the pasture to make a few snow angels and chase Mouse, Toad and Chipper around and around. Trouble is that Mouse, Toad and Chipper ran up the tree and left the boys wondering what happened??? PUDGE LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least, the much beluvd Luvly Lula of the luvly luvly ones checked in… She was having fun in sunny California! She went on further to say that she received a text from California Chrome who wanted to know if she, the most Luvly of the Luvly Ones in Pudge’s group caught his little snooter nod to her on HRTV!!!

NOW THAT GOT PUDGE’S ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luvly Lula
Luvly Lula

And As The Barn Turns and Pudge sits in his barn wondering about California Chrome’s snooter nod to Luvly Lula…

Will Pudge get in touch with the famous racehorse on hoof book and ask him what’s up with that? or will Pudge let it go, let it go, let it go???????????????? Sometimes doing the “frozen” thing works best.

Will Bo the donut wizard make a special batch of chocolate eclairs or will that batch get eaten up before they can be sent???

Did Pigeon and Pigeon express get more contracts to transport the equines in Pennsylvania to the parties they need to get to or will they still offer the rewards and loyalty plans exclusively to Pudge and his entourage???? Given the competition these days for equine air travel, that’s up in the air….literally!

Will Buttons get her recipe picked out and her blog published??? We sure hope so!!

Will there be a winter storm in Manheim and will they all be ready for it or will they all take a snooze until it’s over!

Please stay tuned because as the snowflakes fall over the barn and pile up on the rooftop, the drama inside will be building up too….

Questions, drama and hidden innuendos……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????*******


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