As The Barn Turns, Season 3, Episode 19! A party to Eclipse all!


Pudge was getting a little worried! The big show for the Eclipse awards was about to start in an hour and absolutely not one barn pal or human pal was in the barn! Pudge has the pooter all set too. He was pacing and pacing! He went to all the stalls to remind his pals to get ready!

Then Jordan and Will send a text on the iBarnCloud network that they were out at Wild Bills restaurant having fun but would be back in the barn in plenty of time to watch the show! Pudge still worried because sometimes those restaurants take a long time to get the treats on the table because the goat chef did not show up! Oh gee oh gee!


Romeo was taking a nap! Romeo wake up!


Trooper was playing tag in the pasture with Mouse, Toad and Chipper! Gee come on guys the show is going to start soon!!


Barn Kittah and Kittah Long Hairs were fooling around in the farm house. Seems Kittah Long Hairs got into some trouble and ruined his fur so Jordan had to give him a hair cut to help out the situaiton. Barn Kittah was just so fascinated by the transformation of Kittah Long Hairs to being Kittah No Hairs!

Come on Kittahs’ get your Meow on!


Bo the donut wizard and the Hustler Band boys were practicing their songs but promised that a baker’s dozen of chocolate eclairs was on the way with Pigeon. Pigeon was no where to be found but that secret was not out yet. Pudge was dumbfounded!


So much fooling around. The Eclipse awards is going to start where is everyone!

The Goats were taking a break from making and eating the treats for the Eclipse Party… Unfortunately they were eating up the treats as fast as they were making them. Would there be ANYTHING for the party to celebrate the Eclipse awards!


Miss Spotsy was getting ready for the show and she was joining the fun via Skype for the night. She said she has to do her makeup first! Oh gee oh gee! Pudge knows how long it takes the ladies to do their equine makeup. Oh by neighbelline thank you for making the ladies so beautiful!

Miss Spotsy in her brand new stall!
Miss Spotsy in her brand new stall!

Champion Finale Cousin Izzy and Uncle Cisco were trying out their coats to be in style and keep warm so they were pretty sure they’d be at the barn for the party. Well, pretty sure! WHOA! Pudge was frantic!!! When were the barns pals going to get to the barn in time for the party!

Pudder was hiding under the bed and Sofie was on the bed! Gee guys it’s time to get going! The party is going to start in a few minutes! Pudder was camera shy too.


Pudge was pacing and pacing. Oh my no treats on the table, Indy, Miss Spotsy and Luvly Lula were going to be on Skype to join in on the fun. Pigeon was who knows where and the choclate eclairs were sitting on the Maple Donut countertop….. Pudge heard the pooter beep. It was Mom Donna and Aunty Angela!! They sent a text to let Pudge know that they were dressed to the nines and tens, were picking up the donuts from Bo the donut wizard, loading the horses in the trailer and putting Pudder and Sophie in the truck! Yes they were all on the way…


Jordan and Will arrived at the barn door!! They were back from the restaurant and had come to the barn with carrot chips, apple spritzers and a molasses cake! Oh my all the goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thor went looking for Buttons. Seemed Buttons was on the barn roof meowing….and Buttons is a pygmy goat???


With just seconds to spare all the barn pals that were coming to the party were at the barn door!!! And with not one second to spare! All but Buttons were in place. Mom Donna and Aunty Angela finished unloading the horses, critters and more treats! Whoa this was going to be some party!!!

The pooter was on, and Gulfstream Park was ready to roll out the red carpet. Oh the anticipation, the excitement and all the glamour!!! Close Hatches, California Chrome, Main Sequence, Take Charge Brandi, yups they were all there. Seems they have the in with Pigeon Express too so all the equines were ready to hear their names be called. The owners, trainer and fans were all so proud.

Oh no! Mom Potter and Dad Potter were on the way down to the farmhouse when they remembered Romeo and Trooper! They had dressed up like they were going to Hawaii instead of Florida and they forgot the farmhouse key and the dogs!!!!!! Oh no, Pudge was worried. What to do what to do?????????????????


And As The Barn Turns and the pretty dogs in their Hawaii outfits wait in the farmhouse kitchen…….

Will Mom and Dad Potter have a spare key to get in the house?

Does Jordan have a spare key or will they have to slide down the chimney???

Did Will find a key or will he be sliding down the chimney???

Did Barn Kittah and Kittah Long Hairs now known as Kittah no hairs slide down the chimney?

Did Luvly Lula and Miss Spotsy get signed in the Skype to watch the party or did Nemo have to work his magic with the iBarnCloud to get them on the network?

Why is Buttons meowing on the Barn roof? Did Mouse, Toad and Chipper come inside the barn after Trooper went back up to the farm house to get ready for the party or did they just jump in the hay bale and hide like usual???

Did the chocolate eclairs make it to the barn or did Mom Donna and Aunty Angela eat them on the way up from York?????

Did the Barn pals from York keep their coats on??????

Did California Chrome send Pudge a snooter nod on national TV after the show?????????????????????????????

Stay tuned because as we all know, Horse of the Year is looming large and Pudge and Indy are determined that nothing gets in the way of a party to celebrate the biggest award show in equine history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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