As the Barn Turns! Season Finale!

Most of THE CAST OF AS THE BARN TURNS! Can you guess which one is missing? If not stay tuned for Season 2 Opener in the Fall!

Pudge received an important email from Champion Finale! Oh boy! Eagerly Pudge opened the email. He found out that it was Champion Finale’s wish for Pudge at long last tell Barn Kittah that Pudder Kittah in Finale’s barn is his long lost brother. Barn Kittah was lost in a snow storm but Pudder was rescued and went to live with Mom Donna. Pudge agreed with Champion Finale about having the boys around and also some of Barn Kittah’s favorite treats and some catnip in case he faints! So Pudge proceeded out to the pasture to get the boys together for a little chat snooter to snooter first. Unfortunately they were not in the pasture so Pudge had to go on a search…….

Meanwhile Finale was pacing away in her stall. So worried and full of fret about the little kittahs. Hopefully it will all work out. It’s for the best dear kittahs! Pudder was purring and on the stall door looking at Finale, batting his eyelashes! Finale’s Uncle Cisco was standing there too hoping all would be ok and admiring his pink ribbon. Gee he thought I gotta get out more with Auntie Chris, she’s tops!

Little Texas was in his barn all worried about his upcoming procedure on Thursday. He knows he’ll be just like Pudge but will the fillies like me? Champion Finale is going to date me and Luvly Lula too! I just know it and Pudge can take that to the bank and wear it!

Patches was in a fury! The Barn Beauties on Skype are all upset. Each thought Patches was their one and only and then Patches had a Haflinger pony brain moment and sent emails out to all of them at the same time! Geesh he is in a hot mess! All the fillies are mad at him! What the tarnation am I gonna do Pudge! He was really upset and the computer screen was completely blank. They had all signed off Skype in a big horsey huff. Patches our resplendent GQ man was standing by his blank screen so mystified. Where did the beauties go? It was only ONE little email for carrot’s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strawberry Shortcake had to take a baff and did not want to. So much stomping and snorting. The little caker was miffed because Pudge did not have to take a baff and had been out doing his mud rolling routine. The barn peeps were doing all they could to get the little caker to settle it down and do the baff. Caker was not having anything to do with that and he was sad and mad and said if they don’t stop he’s gonna refuse to do the pony rides tomorrow! The barn peeps pleaded and pleaded. Oh boy if this keeps up Mom is going to come down from that Farmhouse in a snit and our Peppermints will be rationed! Pudge said dear me Strawberry Shortcake just take your baff! Please little Caker! Besides I have homework to do and we gotta get to it!

Tipsy Saint was next; he was having a full tilt tizzy because there was no sugar in the tack room for him to make his apples jubilee!! Gee oh whiz but how am I to be the Culinary Expert with Sheena Lightheart if I can’t find any sugar in the tack room cupboards! Oh he snorted and neighed. The noise was deafening! Tipsy threw some of the cake pans out the barn window to boot. Next a few carrot tops for good measure.

Pudge ran outside to collect himself only to find Domingo outside the pasture. He had jumped the fence and was heading to the farm house! Pudge ran after Domingo and grabbed him by the halter. Pudge said please do not go to the farmhouse if Mom finds out you jumped the fence we’re both in trouble! You for doing it and me for allowing it! So back they went and they both had to jump back in the confines of the pasture.

The farmhouse dogs soon started howling and between the non-stop barking, the constant whinnies of his barn pals for all that is wrong today and Barn Kittah nowhere to be found, Pudge decided to sit down under the pine trees and just soak it all in. Thankfully there were a few apples so he ate them. All of a sudden he was so sleepy! The sun was starting to set through the tree leaves and the light wind lulled Pudge into a deep sleep……………………………………

Oh my goodness but Pudge missed a text on his laptop. The little Caker was still raising a fuss and the laptop was getting all wet……. Luvly Lula got some prices on rockets from Molly Moo! She wants to visit Pudge!!!!!!!!!!

While the barn shook, rocked and clamored from all the unsettling things going on. Mom and Dad Potter, Trainer Jill and Handyman Jeff peered out the Farmhouse windows and walked out on to the front porch that overlooked the pastures and barn. They were amazed at the little Welsh pony tuckered out under the pine trees not knowing the kittah he was looking for was sleeping on his back, the loud clattering horse noises from the barn and cake pans and some green things being thrown out the tack room window. They all shook their heads and smiled. That’s our boys and sometimes they will be boys. We’re going to let Pudge figure it out as he is our A+++++ super smart pony. We know he can do it. Then the Winking Moon rose in the sky and the moonbeams started to shine down on the pony and his kittah…..

As the Barn Turns and Pudge sleeps through all the commotion in the barn our series goes on summer hiatus until the fall………………………….

We hope that you have enjoyed Season 1. You can see there are no answers yet, but many, many, many questions that remain…. Stay tuned for little updates and innuendoes during the summer months as we lead up to our Season 2 Opener!

♥♥♥♥ Mi Amour, Pudge ♥♥♥♥


As the Barn Turns! Episode 31

Beautiful Finale had such a wonderful weekend! She took many ribbons at the 4 H Horse show and even her Uncle Cisco got his ribbon too. Cousin Cheyenne did really well too as she was our blue ribbon winner of the day!! The pictures were real stunners and Aunty Chris shot a great video of me and Mom at the show. I really luv to have all these nice ribbon decorations to wear. My goodness but Mom is soon going to need a bigger room to keep all my ribbons! It was a glowing day to remember! Mom and her friends Aunty Chris and Aunty Angela had the best time ever! She stood in her stall reflecting on the events of the weekend, her friend Pudge and the dilemma she learned of weeks ago. What to do, what to do she thought.

She had shared her troubles with Pudge a while back but all he said was that he would trust her judgment and to do what she thought best. Uncle Cisco said to always follow your filly instinct and more than likely you won’t go wrong. Finale thought about it some more for a couple weeks and came to the conclusion that if it were her and someone knew she had a long lost brother or sister she’d want to know about it. Gee thanks Pudder for giving me this moral challenge! Pudder looked at Finale quite luvingly and meowed into her ear. Dang Pudder, you’re putting me in the middle! Finale stomped and snorted but then she got her resolve. I will tell Pudge to let Barn Kittah know that Pudder is his long lost brother and let the carrot tops and apple peelings fall where they may! Enough!

So she went to her iPad that her Mom Donna bought for her for being the Champion she truly is and proceeded to email Pudge!

Dear Pudge ((she wrote))

I am of the Arabian Filly mindset that it is important for Barn Kittah to know that our Pudder kittah here is his LONG LOST BROTHER. Lost in a snowstorm in fact!

Pudge it is imperative that you break this news ever so carefully to Barn Kittah and perhaps you may want the support of all the boys in the barn when you do it.

Goodness Pudge I have no idea how dear Barn Kittah will react so have the catnip handy and some cat treats for the luving touch. He may be happy, he may be sad or he may be mad that we let this go for so long but I only found out 3 weeks ago or maybe 4?? I am not good at numbers Pudge, that’s your thing since you are the A++++++ student at school now. Congrats on the making the grade too Pudge – I know it’s no easy feat to get into such a good school especially when you’re Welsh pony. But you’ve proved to all you can take it and make shortcakes with Strawberry Shortcake’s excellent typing skills so we are all so proud. You proved your mettle to your professor!

But any hooves back to the business…. Please break the news gently and carefully to your dear Barn Kittah as we just don’t know how he’ll take it. Please let me know when you do because I may be coming to the barn on Wednesday for the pony riding event and I don’t want him to be mad at me for spilling the grain so to speak. Well you get what I mean dear Pudge.

So take goodly care and I am sending you a big heartfelt snooter huggie. Maybe Mom Potter can make you a special treat to share too! Good thing she prepares for two cakes at a time cause I hear she burnt a carrot cake once. ((Sorry Little Texas but Pudge needs some encouragement with this task!))

Your dear friend,

Champion Finale ♥

So satisfied that she did the right thing, Champion Finale hit the send button with her snooter and that was all she wrote!

As the Barn Turns we wait for the email to take the trip over Finale’s router barnband to Pudge’s lap top stashed ever so carefully in the stack of hay bales…….

Will Pudge be able to tell Barn Kittah easily? How will Barn Kittah take the news? Will the catnip be needed or will Barn Kittah pounce on Champion Finale for this news on Wednedsay???? Will Pudder and Barn Kittah reunite and how will that go?

Please stay tuned for the Season Finale for tomorrow’s episode where we will hope to learn these answers or find we may have more questions than answers!

♥♥♥♥ Mi Amour, Pudge ♥♥♥♥

Indy’s Racing Thoughts! The Final Prep for the Road to the Roses: The Derby Trial!

Your friend in Racing! Indy
Your friend in Racing! Indy

Dear friends!

Whoa! The Kentucky Derby is less than one week away we are watching for the final works of the contenders and the post position draw yet to come! But before all that we still had one last Road to the Roses race to cover, that being the Derby Trial.

Pudge and I were out in the pasture for much of yesterday as the nice weather was so enticing. It made us content and put us in the perfect mindset to enjoy the race.

So as they say: They’re all in line; Away They Go!

April 27, 2013
Derby Trial Stakes, Grade III
Churchill Downs
Distance: 1 mile
Purse: $175,000
WINNER: Forty Tales

Forty Tales owned by Paretti Racing Stable, trained by Todd Pletcher and ridden to victory by Joel Rosario is a 3 YRO bay colt sired by Tale of the Cat. His time over the fast track was 1:35:77 and he beat his stablemate Capo Bastone by a neck in the grueling final yards of the race. His rider indicated that when he told his horse to step his game, he did and off he went.

It’s not clear just yet if Forty Tales will be Derby bound, but Capo Bastone may be heading to the Preakness in Baltimore next if he comes out of this race in good form. They are both trained by Todd Pletcher so he had the win and the place for this race. At Parx track which is local here in Pennsylvania Forty Tales won an allowance race by just over 3 lengths in January. Always nice to see our equine friends do well here in Pennsylvania!

Forty Tales has won three out of five performances and his career winnings are now over $219,000. We’ll look forward to more racing in the summer that will hopefully put this barn babee in contention for another win should he not go to the Kentucky Derby starting gate.

Fine race and thank you for showing us once again how it is done. Good luck, all the best and we’re looking forward to your next race!

Well friends that concludes our coverage of the Road to the Roses Kentucky Derby Prep Races. It’s been a true privilege and an honor to share our thoughts with you each week. Next up Pudge and I will have a blog on the History of the Kentucky Derby and then of course we’ll be blogging on the three classics that are part of the Triple Crown series. Soon Summer at Saratoga and many other race tracks will be in full swing and so will we.

Have a great week and don’t forget to check your local TV listings for coverage of the Kentucky Derby on NBC Sports Network and NBC, TVG and HRTV.

All for now!

Your friends in racing: Indy and Pudge ♥

Indy’s Racing Thoughts! Those Final Big Kentucky Derby Preps!!!!

Your friend in Racing! Indy
Your friend in Racing! Indy

Dear friends!!!!!!

Whoa but Pudge and I are so thrilled as Kentucky Derby Day is coming to us ever closer with each passing day. The big race will go off on May 4th, the first Saturday in May! The barn babees have been working very hard for their starting gates and now that they’ve got them with only one more prep to go it’s time to get used to the surface at Churchill Downs and enjoy all the revelry and pageantry of the big day and hopefully the blanket of red roses!

Have you decided on your picks yet? Pudge and I are rooting for each of them. It’s just too hard for us and we want a good, fun and safe race for all. We’re just so pleased for them and it will be their day to shine. It’s what everyone thinks about as their foal come into the world. Will this be the one! For me and Pudge, each foal that arrives to our world is special and is the one. Even so only one of all those special foals can be the one to win the Kentucky Derby.

So without further adieu away we go!

April 13, 2013
Toyota Blue Grass Stakes, Grade I
Keeneland KY
Distance: 1 1/8 miles
Purse: $750,000

This was a really spectacular race with the eventual winner going from LAST to FIRST to capture the win in the final leg of the race. A slight slowness in the start and competing in a 14 horse field, this stunning son of War Pass proved his mettle. This win gave the barn babee 100 points on the leaderboard and he stamped his way to his own Kentucky Derby starting gate. Palice Malice took the place by a neck and Rydilluc was the show. Java’s War is owned and was bred by Charles Fipke. He is trained by Kenny McPeek. We wish him well on this win and for a great race on Derby Day!!

April 13, 2013
Arkansas Derby, Grade I
Oaklawn Park, Hot Springs, AR
Distance: 1 1/8 miles
Purse: $1,000,000

Overanalyze, owned by Repole Stable took this win in tremendous fashion by just about 4 1/2 lengths! He scored well off the pace and showed us this big kick at the end. 100 points on the board and he’s good to go for those Red Roses! This flashy colt is trained by Todd Pletcher and is by Dixie Union. Pudge and I are anticipating a great run from him on Derby day but most important a fun and safe fun. The beautiful grey stunner, Frac Daddy was the place and Carve took the show position. As a 2 YRO he won impressively and though his 3 YRO debut was perhaps not as tremendous as this race, winning the Arkansas Derby shows he is improving and improving in a big way. Congrats and good luck!

April 20, 2013
Coolmore Lexington Stakes, Grade III
Keeneland, KY
Distance: 1 and 1/16 miles
Purse: $200,000

Winning Caused cruised to the lead in the final strides to take the win in the Coolmore Lexington Stakes! This striking chestnut colt brings 20 points to the Leaderboard for the Road to the Roses. This son of Giants Causeway is 3 for 3 on the polytrack surface and his one length victory was again impressive. General Election took the place and Pick of the Litter was the show. It was a little disappointing for Pure Fun the only filly in the race who was hoping for a stronger performance to bring her more points for the Kentucky Oaks. Trained by Todd Pletcher we may see the colt who was in 21st place with 20 points on the Leaderboard take a starting Gate position now that Super Ninety Nine and Den’s Legacy are no longer going for the Derby. We may also still see Pure Fun in the Kentucky Oaks! Good luck, good work and stay safe. Most of all have a great day on the first Saturday in May!!

Friends that just about wraps things up. There is still one more race this coming weekend with points up for grabs by a Kentucky Derby hopeful at Churchill Downs so stay tuned.

I am sure that you’re still contemplating your picks for the Derby and of course the ever present question looms regarding whether or not this will be our Triple Crown year. I have heard many say they think not, but don’t count them out just yet!! I am sure the Triple Crown Races this year will be ones to remember in the years to come and they’re part of our legacy and history in Thoroughbred racing!! I fully expect Pudge and I to be on the very edge of our stalls from one race to the next!!

All for now!

Your friends in racing, Indy and Pudge ♥

How to help Mt Hope Horse Rescue blog series: Hay Sponsorship!

Pudge Hay

Dear friends!


Mt Hope is looking for our friends to help us by sponsoring hay for Spring/Summer!

Hay is needed for our horses and now is the time for us to get enough hay for Spring/Summer! As you may be aware environmental conditions have a huge impact on pricing and availability which can result in high prices and shortages. With your help we can meet our needs with your much valued and necessary donation! Please give to support the hay needs of our horses at Mt Hope and help us help the horses!

If you’d like to donate you may do so at our website:

or you may also contact my Mom Pat Potter here:

Please contact our Director, Pat Potter, at 717-575-5635, or if you have any questions.

Please donate if you can and please help us spread the word!

All for now,
Luv Pudge ♥

May 1st Open House with Pony Rides at Mt Hope!

Rider with Bucto 8pk

Mt Hope Open House! May 1st, 6pm – 8pm

Dear friends!

Please come join us for an evening pony ride at my barn here at Mt Hope Horse Rescue! Mark your calendars for May 1st and stop in from 6pm to 8pm.

We’ll have light refreshments: cookies, cake, soda and coffee for 50 cents each and the pony rides are $10.00 per ride. Your donation for the rides will go to the needs of the horse rescue.

Our contact information and directions to the farm:

Mt. Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.
2244 East Mount Hope Road
Manheim, PA 17545
Phone: 717-575-5635
Fax: 717-664-0923

Pat Potter – Director Email:
Jill Costarella – Horse Trainer: (717) 526-9637;

Visitations by Appointment only!
Monday to Saturday: 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Sundays – Closed

From Lancaster
On the north side of Manheim, take Route 72 North until you reach a sharp left turn on the roadway; Hosler’s Hardware will be on the right side of the road with a red brick house on the left side; turn right at that corner onto Mount Hope Road. Follow Mount Hope Road to a “T” intersection, which is Mountain Road. Turn left onto Mountain Road. Shortly after making the turn, you will see a stone church on the right side; this is Mount Hope Episcopal Church. Just before reaching the church, turn right onto East Mount Hope Road. Mt. Hope Horse Rescue is the second driveway on the left. You will encounter a sign that states “Do Not Enter”. Please disregard the sign as it does not relate to the horse rescue. Turn left onto the gravel driveway. We ask that you park on the gravel and not on the grass, please. You will see the barn from the top of the hill. We also ask that you respect the privacy of the residents in the house.

From Lebanon

On the south side of Lebanon, take Route 72 South until you come to the Mount Hope Winery (PA Renaissance Faire). Take the first left turn onto Mountain Road just past the winery. Follow Mountain Road until you see a stone church on the left side; this is Mount Hope Episcopal Church. Just past the church, turn left onto East Mount Hope Road. Mt. Hope Horse Rescue is the second driveway on the left. You will encounter a sign that states “Do Not Enter”. Please disregard the sign as it does not relate to the horse rescue. Turn left onto the gravel driveway. We ask that you park on the gravel and not on the grass, please. You will see the barn from the top of the hill. We also ask that you respect the privacy of the residents in the house.

Lancaster Cares and That Fish Place, That Pet Place! Come see us on May 4th!

Shorty at That Fish Place, That Pet Place with Trainer Jill and Jess!
Shorty at That Fish Place, That Pet Place with Trainer Jill and Jess!


Hi Friends!

Mt Hope Horse Rescue will be going to celebrate Proud Pet Day at That Fish Place/That Pet Place in Lancaster PA and located on Centerville Road.

Mom is offering pony rides at $10.00 per ride. So come on down if you are in the area for a great day of fun!!

Hours are 10 am to 3pm.

Last Saturday we were at That Fish Place/That Pet Place for Lancaster Cares and to have fun celebrating the store’s 40th anniversary. We made some great new friends and met up with some current friends too. Shorty was interviewed by a local radio station along with Trainer Jill so he is our local barn celeb and yet he is soooo very humble about his fame!

So on May 4th mark your calendars to stop in from 10 am to 3pm to see us. Mom will have a table and some Mt Hope Merchandise for sale and the barn peeps will be more than happy to talk to you about horse rescue information and ways you can help.

We look forward to see you there and meeting new friends too!

All for now!
Luv Pudge ♥