Mt Hope Horse Rescue 2012 FALL BULB FUNDRAISER!

Order your Fall Bulbs and Support Mt Hope Horse Rescue!

Dear friends:

Fall is nearly here and it is time to start thinking about planting your fall bulbs! Your order is greatly appreciated and all proceeds earned by my barn through your support will help to support Mt Hope Horse Rescue! The horses need your support now more than ever as we will be closing our doors on November 1st. So please share with your family and friends so that we can help the barn babees!

Though we still plan on closing on November 1st, until that time we still have bills that need paid and to care for the remaining horses until they find homes.

The fundraiser will start on Mon. Sept 17th and run through Oct. 15th. Our goal is to make at least $2000!! We made $1500 last year. We should be able to double that this year if everyone who has a Facebook/MySpace/Blog, etc posts this online. With your help, we can make this happen!


For the top 3 sellers whose total sales are over $100, there will be a prize given as well as a grand prize to the person with the highest sales!

When placing orders:
* Please email your order to Pat at
* Please include your shipping address in your email.
* Please list the order in the email.

For Payments:
* Payment is required at time order is placed and checks must be written to MHHR
* Orders will be available for delivery after Oct. 26th

Mail Payments to:
Pat Potter, Director
Mt Hope Horse Rescue
2244 East Mount Hope Road
Manheim, PA 17545

Booklets for the sales are available now and can be mailed to you, picked up here at MHHR or you can download it electronically here:

We will offer shipping to anywhere in the US and Canada.

Shipping cost are as follows: Shipping fees are based on the total of the order not by the box. Orders up to $50.00 are $4.00 shipping, $51.00 order up to $75.00 is $6.50, orders $76 and over are $8.00 (Alternate shipping costs for Canada will also be listed soon.)

For information on how to order or to help with the fundraiser, contact Pat Potter, Director at 717-575-5635 or at

I hope that you will participate in our Fall Bulb fundraiser to help Pippin, Ace, Spike,Patches, Willy and me! We will all be so grateful!

All for now, Luv Pudge ♥


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