As The Barn Turns Series Finale: Pudge’s Beams



On a peaceful wintery evening Pudge went to sleep. He was beckoned by the Winking Moon’s beams of light. It seems that the Big Sky herd needed Pudge. So Pudge went quietly to assist his friends in the good Big Sky. The Winking Moon luvingly pulled him above.

The next day all the barn pals, Finale, Barn Kittahs far and wide, Pidgeon, Miss Spotsy and her barn buddies, all the goats, Mouse and Chipper, Luvly Lula, Toad, all the dogs woke up and they all knew that Pudge had been given an important assignment. They all knew that Pudge would willingly accept the assignment to do his best to help equines everywhere and that meant the Big Sky too.

So Buttons, Cruella and Mable as somber as they were the trotted of to the Tack Room Kitchen to make a bigly dinner for all their friends and barn pals. This was to be the first time ever that they had to plan an event without Pudge! Pudge was always their leader, their central command and their very best friend. He kept everyone together and out of trouble or at least tried to!! So they banged some pots, they burned a few biscuits but eventually all the treats were made with the luv and attention that Pudge could be proud of.

Pigeon flew all over the country to bring all the pals to the barn in Manheim so that they could all celebrate their friend who got a new job and huge promotion! Wow a promotion to the Big Sky it just doesn’t get any more bigger or important than that!!

They all gathered around the table and even NEMO was on Skype on the iBarnCloud Pooter. Barn Kittahs were perched in the rafters like they usually are and the beautiful mares were resplendent in their ribbons and curls in their manes and tails. Miss Spotsy even had her human Mom give her perm just for the party. Champion Finale wore all her ribbons, in fact she was COVERED in ribbons because after all she is a Champion! Luvly Lula was especially Luvly and batted her very long and luvly eyelashes. Pudge was swooning above because unknown to them, he, Cupcake, Tipsy Saint and The Winking Moon had the best seats in the house to observe!

Just before dessert and coffee Bo the Donut Wizard, Mom Donna, Aunty Chris and Aunty Angela along with Mom Potter and Jordan showed up so Bo could sing a song or two or three… And so they all sang and munched on the slightly overdone pecan pie. ( You see Buttons tried out a new recipe for the first time and it flopped, but just a little! She wished she had made the pound cake but oh well..)

Just as Bo the Donut Wizard sang the last chorus, the pooter started to go BEEP BEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP!!

Pudge! Pudge appeared on the screen!! Nemo had found the port to the IT BIG SKY COMPUTER!!! ALAS!!

Pudge BEAMED at everyone! Pudge and all his friends from the Big Sky were there! They could not believe their eyes!! Barn Kittah purred.. Mouse and Chipper JUMPED clear into the haybale! But that’s normal for them!

Then the screen went back to Nemo, but sometimes the clouds get in the way so Nemo delivered a message from Pudge and the Big Sky herd!

It seems that Pudge wants everyone to get to work! He said that there is no time for crying and being sad. There is just so much WORK to do here on earth to help equines in need! He said that he is so busy learning the ropes from The Winking Moon, Cupcake and Tipsy Saint but he will get the hang of it. He said that it is his wish that they all carry on what they started with him. He said that there are so many ways to help and if we look even a little bit, we’ll find the ways that work for us and those in need. He also said that they don’t particularly like him to bite their butts up there. That was one of his most favorite pasture moments so he has some adjusting to do. He said it’s all beautiful and he is fine but he’s going to check to make sure that the job is getting done in Manheim and everywhere too. He’s got a big job and he’s going to do it. So you all do your best too and remember all the good things we did together and keep that in mind as you do your important work.

So they all looked at Nemo and again at each other. All of a sudden there was so much scurrying and clamoring Mom Potter could not see the critters and they all were moving so fast and working so hard!

Bo the Donut Wizard and Mom Donna pulled out the box of Maple Donuts. Jordan grabbed one and gave it to Mom Potter, Aunty Chris and Aunty Angela had one and then with a flourish, Pigeon took the box and all the mares with him to drop them off at their homes across the country. But before they left the barn they all turned and winked and neighed…”TIME TO GET TO WORK!!”

And so AS THE BARN TURNS continuously and with great purpose that Pudge intends for everyone……..

Don’t be sad, but rejoice in all that you have done and continue to do in the name of helping those without a voice.

Everyone in the BIG SKY is watching and when you look at the moonbeams each night, smile and wink and let them know, you got to work!!

LUV TO ALL FROM PUDGE, he got to work!


As The Barn Turns, At the Holidays, Season 4, Episode 34: Remembering Special Friends at Thanksgiving and Green Cat


Pudge was amazed! The party went off without a hitch despite all the misgivings Pudder had about the GREEN CAT! The goats worked hard on the meal and the desserts and even though the pumpkin pies were burned in the oven they still had a lemon cake for a backup in case of an epic fail in the kitchen.

Buttons, Mable & Cruella!
Buttons, Mable & Cruella!

The GREEN CAT came up with Mom Donna and Bo the Donut Wizard and Pudder.

Mom Donna brought the donuts!
Mom Donna brought the donuts!

Oddly enough it was the GREEN CAT who kept the Maple Donuts intact on the long ride up to Manheim from York. Pudder was completely dismayed because he had been counting on a sugar snack before dinner but alas that was not to be. In fact, once they arrived at Pudge’s Barn, the GREEN CAT flew with the little Bluebird to Charming Acres Rescue with the Maple Donuts to share Thanksgiving with Kelly Conner! Talk about class! The GREEN CAT was all that and more. After the barn pals thought about it they figured if the GREEN CAT spent Thanksgiving with Kelly Conner then he was not so bad…

Once Champion Finale arrived with Pigeon along with Miss Spotsy, Luvly Lula, Uncle Cisco, & Cousin Izzy Pudge decided to gather all the barn pals around for a special prayer of blessing and remembrance before they chomped down on the delicious goodies.

Bluebird had brought the crew from Charming acres and Pigeon made the trip to Grantville to pick up Charlie. Of course Charlie was napping so he had to wake him up a bit first! WOL!


Once everyone was assembled Pudge made a thoughtful speech about all the things he is grateful for. He mentioned about Dad Potter most especially. He remembered his Dad fondly and his love of all animals big and small. Pudge remembered how Dad Potter took him in when a nice lady rescued him at a local auction and he remembered that Dad Potter luvd him so much that he named him Pudge. Pudge was Dad Potter’s nickname from when he was small and because Pudge was a small pony too, the name stuck. Pudge mentioned how he luvd his Mom Potter so very much and Jordan and how they take such great care of him and all the barn pals and also how they had to work hard to adjust to a new life and then gave Pudge and all the barn pals great big hugs when little Rafiki lost his battle with an illness he could not overcome. Yups it’s been a tough year at times, but Pudge reminded everyone that sometime life throws some curves and we have to be able to see the bend in the road to keep on going. With the luv and support of family and friends we can persevere and do good things.

Buttons gave thanks for her goat friends and her tack room kitchen. She luvs to bake and cook and be in charge of the treats just like Tipsy Saint was and they all remembered beautiful Tipsy Saint too. Buttons was also thankful for baby Cruella who grew up from being a baby goat to being the sous chef in the tack room kitchen!!


Buddy came from Charming Acres Rescue so he was the spokes horse for the barn pals. Buddy said he was thankful for knowing Argo who crossed the rainbow bridge just like Rafiki did and that he knew the Winking Moon and Herdmaster would look after them both. He was also grateful because Kelly Conner found a foster home for Moo and Olivia and that hopefully they’ll have found their forever home too. He was also very thankful that his new friend Cruiser likes to play cards in the pasture and that Pudge was going to teach Cruiser how to play Go Fish.

God Bless Argo Buddy said. We’ll miss you so very much. We luv Mom Kelly Conner for all she did to help.


Buddy also said that he knows how to play Go Fish and would probably win at cards but Cruiser will just have to find that out….

Buddy and Cruiser
Buddy and Cruiser

Miss Spotsy, Barbie, Reign, Luvly Lula and of course Champion Finale all gave thanks that they were there to be with handsome Pudge. They all beamed and swooned while Pudge blushed……….

Those all the beauties vied for a seat at the table with Pudge, it was LADY from Charming Acres Rescue that took the top honor! She was the only one who could fit in the chair!!!!


The party was loads of fun and every bit of food was eaten. Soon it was time to go and so the little Bluebird rounded up her barn pals and Pigeon rounded up his barn pals and they flew everyone home.

Mom Donna, Bo the Donut Wizard and Pudder lingered a little bit…. Seems like they had something to say. Pudge went over to them to see what they wanted to say………….

Mom Donna leaned down and whispered into Pudge’s ear! Bo the Donut Wizard smiled wide!! Pudder beamed!

Pudge’s eyes nearly popped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so As the Barn Turns and Mom Donna, Bo the Donut Wizard and Pudder make their long winding journey back to York County……

Did Kelly Conner welcome the GREEN CAT to the Thanksgiving table or did the GREEN CAT stay out on the Front porch?????????????

Did Kelly Conner like the Maple Donuts or did she let the little Bluebird have them? Does Kelly know about Maple Donuts and did she ask the GREEN CAT Why he is a GREEN CAT??????????

Did Buddy mind that Lady sat next to Pudge at Thanksgiving Dinner?

Did Champion Finale mind?

Did Miss Spotsy, Reign or Luvly Lula mind?

Did all the cats get along at dinner or did they go up into the barn rafters and meow?

Did Pudder Meow?

Did the GREEN CAT meow at dinner?

What happened to the burned pumpkin pies?

Did Charlie eat the pie or did he just snooze through dinner????????????

And what in the world did Mom Donna say to PUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please stay tuned because as we all know there is more to the story than burned pumpkin pies and GREEN CATS.

Although, they say that all that is gold glitters, but so does GREEN CAT!

WOL from Pudge and all the barn pals until next week……………………….

As The Barn Turns, Season 4, At The Holidays, Episode 33, Being together and a Green Cat!

Champion Finale
Champion Finale

Pudge was checking his pooter and dallying around. His emails were stacked to the hooves and back from Champion Finale. She was pretty good about keeping in touch and Pudge always luvd to hear from her. It’s a week away from Thanksgiving and she was emailing as she always does to make sure all the details for the big party at Pudge’s barn were being taken care of.

Buttons, Mable and Cruella have been busy in the Tack room kitchen making lemon cake and a bunch of stuff so Pudge was not worried about the treats. Pudge knew that they’d have plenty of Maple Donuts as long as Mom Donna and Pudder did not eat them all on the way up from York! WOL! He laughed at the the fun they’d have doing that!

Champion Finale told Pudge that Uncle Cisco and Cousin Izzy were eating and eating and she fretted they’d have no appetite for Thanksgiving!

Pudge reassured her that they’d have plenty of room in the tank for more! WOL! He laughed at that too!

Eating again!
Eating again!

So Pudge kept reading her emails and it was taking days as there were SO MANY EMAILS AND PICTURES! Champion Finale wanted to be sure the she sat next to Pudge at the table on Thanksgiving so she was really pouring it on and Pudge luvd it!

Gosh, Pudge thought, could she get any more beautiful!??? Yes she can! She’s Champion Finale!!!!!!!!!!!

But then there was also Luvly Lula and Miss Spotsy and who can resist those two????

Then Pudge was also pretty enamored by the Charming Acres Rescue beauties too! Reign and Barbie were also vying for Pudge’s attention! Kelly assured Pudge that she would be fine at home while the horses went to Pudge’s party so all systems were a go! YIPPEEEE!

Charlie was emailing too and he was coming to the party. He is a barn mascot in training so he was required to be there! WOL! Pudge luvd that he is a mentor to a Barn Mascot in training, Now That Was COOL CARROTS!


However, no afternoon naps for you Charlie! You need to be front and center on Thanksgiving Day!!

Pudge was so involved with his emails and the pictures of his friends that he was oblivious to the party details. The barn pals and goats were working hard to make everything just right so he had no worries. Everyone was so well trained and knew exactly what to do so Pudge was enjoying the quiet time for now………………..

Pudge thought about Thanksgiving and he knew that this is a special holiday and not just about the food. It’s about the friends and family and all the little things and the big things that bring us all together. It’s partly about the pumpkin pies, but it’s also about being together.

Finale told Pudge about how she luvd to be with Mom Donna…..



Miss Spotsy told Pudge about how she luvd her barn pals too………….

Miss Spotsy!
Miss Spotsy!

Cousin Izzy luvd his barn pals too!


Then at the end of the email list there was an email from Pudder!

Pudder is highly upset! Pudder luvs to be together with Mom Donna, Barn Kittah’s, the Goats, Mr. Toad, The Donut Wizard, Luvly Lula, Miss Spotsy, Charlie and all the wonderful barn pals from Charming Acres Rescue but seriously a GREEN CAT???????????????????????

Spending Thanksgiving at the Thanksgiving Table with A Green Cat was not what Pudder envisioned!

Pudge thought, oh no, it was too good to be true, a problem free holiday was so not happening……………………………

And so As The Barn Turns and the Kittens do not purrr………………….

Will the Green Cat go away or will the Green Cat spoil the party??

Will Pudge get rid of the Green Cat????????????

Does the Green Cat know about Thanksgiving??????????????????

Will the Green Cat eat the Maple Donuts or will the Green Cat prefer lemon cake??????????????????

Will the Green Cat go to Charming Acres Rescue or will Charlie have to take the Green Cat to his barn????

Will anyone want to be together as long as there is a GREEN CAT at Thanksgiving??????????????????????

Stay tuned because the Green Cat is causing a stir, a ruckus and lots of commotion.

One thing for sure is that we have not seen the LAST of the Green Cat at Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As The Barn Turns, Season 4 – at the Holidays, Episode 32


Pudge asked Thor to take a good long look and find out what the snap, crackle and Pop was!!! The Season finale cliffhanger left us all wondering how Pudge and the barn pals near and far fared in the summer and into the fall. It seems there was a LOT happening and it all started with a snap, crackle and one pop!

Thor’s eyes looked down toward the treeline not far from the pasture. Lo and behold on the ground was their Pigeon and a little barn bluebird. Gee but the blue bird was so cute and pretty. Pudge and all the barn pals wandered over to the fence. Pudge neighed to the Pidgeon and Bluebird. Bluebird where were you going? Pigeon you better watch where you are going next time. The barn pals agreed, Pigeon needed to be more careful….taking care to not bump into Bluebird mid flight!

Bluebird landed on Pudge’s withers and told him that she was on the way to go visit the horses and ponies at Charming Acres Rescue! Pigeon was so intrigued. Pigeon suggested right on the spot that Pudge needs to send out an invite to Charming Acres to have a BIG BARN PARTY for Thanksgiving! All the horses can come for the afternoon. Mom Potter and Jordan will be busy making a big dinner so there would be plenty of pumpkin pie to go around! Buttons even turned into a master chef this summer so she was already planning the menu! Woo Hoo! Pudge could hardly wait!

So BlueBird flew off to Gap PA so she could land on the withers of Reign. Reign is the barn mare Mom so she’ll get all the horses and ponies together to start making plans.

Reign at Charming Acres Rescue
Reign at Charming Acres Rescue

Captain, Pudge, Thor and Rafiki in Manheim are delighted to throw a big shindig too. Oh and Bo the Donut Wizard can bring the Maple Donuts!!!!!!! Mom Donna can load up the truck and bring Bo and Pudder too!

Pudge commenced to writing up the invitations on the barn pooter. Thanks to the IT skills of Nemo from Massachusetts the iBarnCloud was running like a top! All systems go to get those invites out to all the barn pals near and far. First Up Champion Finale! Whoa and she even got new halter bling over the summer too!

Oh and of course Luvly Lula and Miss Spotsy will come to the party!

Bluebird arrived at Charming Acres rescue and spread the happy news! Pudge’s Party on Thanksgiving, biggest in all of Manheim and all the horses are invited! YAY!!!!!!!!! All the horses and ponies whinnied! Party at Pudges!

Happy horses and now they wondered what they’d wear to the party!!!

Luvly Lula emailed Pudge and said she’d luv to come and she’ll wear her new saddle blanket bling…..

Luvly Lula!
Luvly Lula!

Miss Spotsy said she had a great blanket to wear too!

Miss Spotsy!
Miss Spotsy!

Thor said that he’ll bring his APPETITE! WOL!


Cousin Izzy and Uncle Cisco said they’ll bring their appetites too – Double WOL!!!!!!!!

Pudge remembered he has a student to invite too! Pudge had been so busy having fun with Indy watching the races and eating the good treats from Buttons and her Tackroom kitchen all summer and half the Fall long, but he also was assigned a brand new job…. Pudge has to mentor his friend Charlie. Charlie likes to take naps so Pudge decided he’d give him a wake up call………….

Oh Charlie it’s time to wake up!!!!!!!!!


Charlie’s barn cat looks a little grumpy so Pudge thought coming to a party would cheer him up!

Barn Kittah

Miss Spotsy sent an email that she’s bring plenty of kisses………………..

So it was settled, big party and LOTS to do!! Now to find Buttons. Buttons, Mable and Cruella will be busy working on the treats so it was menu planning time….. Buttons where are you!

Here I am Pudge, she said!

Little Buttons!
Little Buttons!

Pudge stood in the stall munching and thinking… Hmmmm I hope that the party will be a success, but he has this nagging feeling in the back of his withers that he was forgetting something……..

And so As The Barn Turns, the pumpkin pies bake and Pudge ponders……………………

Will Pigeon and Bluebird be able to transport all the horses to the party without bumping into each other mid flight????????

Will Kelly Conner from Charming Acres Rescue mind if all the horses leave the farm and go to Pudge’s barn in Manheim for Thanksgiving, or will she be glad to relax in the barnyard watching the leaves fall off the tree???????????????????

Will Cruiser the baby foal from Kelly’s barn have to eat baby food or can he sit at the barn table and eat the big food instead??????

Will Barbie steal Pudge’s heart with her beauty and will Luvly Lula, Miss Spotsy and Champion Finale be jealous?? After all she is a gorgeous and talented Saddlebred!!!!!!!!!!

Will Nellie and Glory have to teach Finn and Charm table manners since they’re still babies and might not know what tables are or manners are either????????????????

Will Mom Potter have enough Pumpkin Pies made and will Mom Donna be able to get the Maple Donuts to Manheim without Pudder eating them all first!!!!!!!!!!

All these questions and more to follow – we always get the answers but then again we always get more questions too…..

Stay tuned as the leaves fall and the bluebird flies! Oh yes and a Pigeon too!

Indy’s Racing Thoughts! Breeder’s Cup 2015 and the 4th Jewel


Hi Friends!

A hearty hello and how have you been since the Haskell? Pudge and I have had one heck of a great summer busy having fun and being a little lazy too. Here in sweet southern Georgia I have been following the racing and enjoying it to the fullest but have not gotten around to my writing. So Pudge is in the same boat, busy having fun and enjoying the goodies from Buttons and her goat friends in the Tack Room Kitchen up in Manheim, PA. Guess that is how it goes. Rest assured though, we have been enjoying the journey of the Triple Crown, The Breeder’s Cup Challenge racing and now the year-end Championships.

What a year in racing it has been! We have witnessed history that will never be forgotten as we saw American Pharoah take down his rivals in the Triple Crown races, come back to win the Haskell Invitational like it was nothing and then a small defeat in the Travers. The Travers was only slightly disappointing however. He was our champion and we know in racing it’s hard to win them all. Many miles of travel and the rigors of racing and winning slowed down the streak a bit but not for long. Seeing him win like an angel with wings on his back was like nothing we’ll probably ever see in a long time if ever. He ran his last race a winner and a champion and Pudge and I were so confident he would. But even so, this race brought us to tears of joy that cannot fully be explained but merely understood.

This year the Breeder’s Cup Championships were held at Keeneland racecourse. Heralded as perhaps the most beautiful racetrack in the United States, they clearly hosted with honor and did Kentucky and horse lovers around the world proud. What a distinction to have for this set of historic championships.

Pudge and I were wowed by the champions all as they each took their place in the gate for each run. We know how hard it is to get there and that’s what makes us all appreciate these horses so much more. The hours of work, the money, the effort of all the crew set the stage for what we get to watch for the two days. It’s not easy and it’s fun but it’s work too. There is not one detail that takes a back seat in this process because to miss one can take a huge toll. So we waited all summer in great anticipation for this last hurrah for all the champions and one race in particular that was historic and monumental. This was because only one horse ever to have a chance at the first ever Grand Slam in horse racing – a 4th jewel. The golden jewel of all. American Pharoah secured his place in history again and again this year, but with his last race his jewel will shine for lifetimes to come.

Pudge and I were amazed by all the winners of course and there were not only one but two track records set!! Just take a look at this impressive list of winners:

Friday, October 30, 2015 Day One

Juvenile Turf: Hit It A Bomb
Las Vegas Dirt Mile: Liam’s Map
Breeder’s Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf: Catch A Glimpse
Distaff: StopChargingMaria

Saturday, October 31, 2015, Day Two

14 Hands Vinery Juvenile Fillies: Songbird
Turf Sprint: Mongolian Saturday
Twin Spires Filly and Mare Sprint: WavellAvenue
Filly and Mare Turf: Stephanie’s Kitten
Twin Spires Turf: RunHappy – TRACK RECORD!! Naps paid off!
Mile: Tepin Filly beats the boys!
Sentinent Jet Juvenile: Nyquist, way to go for Uncle Mo!
Longines Turf: Found, another filly beats the boys!
BC Classic: AMERICAN PHAROAH, Track Record!

Stellar careers are born, champions are made and history was witnessed. Memories for a lifetime! Some of our champions will be retiring to new careers and others will be moving on to what is next in racing in 2016. Many of our favorite racehorses are retiring this year so we’ll be getting to know new horses and you know what that means, we’ll be back on the Derby trail once again.

But for now, let us just enjoy what American Pharoah and his equine friends gave to us. They gave us hope, inspiration beyond compare and showed us that we can believe in our dreams and make our fairy tales come true. This was a year in racing that will never be duplicated but that’s ok. We don’t want it to because we want the horses and their connections to write their own stories whatever they may be. This story was one that will remain etched in our hearts and minds forever.

Pudge and I thank you for following our racing blogs this year and in years past and we hope that you’ll stay with us for what comes next in the year ahead. If what we saw this weekend is any indication, we are in for something special!

Your friends in racing, Indy and Pudge ♥

Indy’s Racing Thoughts! The Breeder’s Cup Challenge continues! The Haskell Invitational!

bc challenge 4c1
BC Challenge

Dear friends!!

Whoa and a hearty hello from Pudge and I to you. It’s been plenty sunny here in Georgia and Pudge tells me peaches are in season. Being from Georgia now I am pretty partial to peaches and well these Breeder’s Cup Challenge races are indeed peachy keen. This past Saturday it was all about American Pharoah and boy did he make that romp in the Haskell look like a gliding walk through the park. Talented as he is, he makes the running thing so fluid, so smooth and effortless. Although I am sure he’ll tell us that he’d like Victor to just let those reins out so he can really put on a show to remember, he’s still putting on quite the show. I don’t think we’ve seen this much talent so beautifully displayed ever. We have witnessed many great horses but this one is really special too. He just makes this look like notes to music so wonderfully and majestically played and he’s all business. Off the track he’s a big pet who loves to be loved on and gives love back. This is the beauty of this horse is his humbleness. It brings Pudge and I to our knees literally.

But all this leaves us breathless for sure and there are other superstars too making their mark on the horse racing world in other races that have been most exciting. We loved to see Beholder back to her winning ways and wish her well in her quest for a win in the Breeder’s Cup. Congratulations to Wild Dude and Solow for their fine performances and securing their spots in the BC gates!!

Here is the schedule of winners and replays since our last blog:

Jul 25 King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes sponsored by QIPCO Ascot Longines Turf Postponed (IRE)

Jul 26 Bing Crosby Stakes Del Mar Sprint: Winner –> Wild Dude

Jul 29 Qatar Sussex Stakes Goodwood Mile: Winner –> Solow (GB)

Aug 1 Clement L. Hirsch Handicap Del Mar Longines Distaff –> Beholder

Aug 2 William Hill Haskell Invitational Monmouth Park Classic –> Triple Crown Winner – American Pharoah

We are so proud of all the runners and this year’s Breeder’s Cup will be one for the history books. American Pharoah is in a great position to win what’s called a Grand Slam. That is a feat the would be very amazing, but also historical. Pudge and I learned today that Mr. Zayat will send American Pharoah to Saratoga to contest the midsummer Derby also known as the Travers. The Travers is a most prestigious race and it’s one we look forward to every year. It’s also an important race for three year olds too. So we will look forward to The Travers with all the wonderful grandeur. This would be a nice feather in AP’s cap but as always we love all the horses and wish everyone a safe and happy trip. Everyone supporting the horses behind the scenes work so hard to make it a great time for the horses and the fans and we certainly appreciate that.

On August 8th we’ll be in for another great classic – The Whitney! Whoa! That will be an exciting race for the Breeder’s Cup Challenge contenders!!!!!!!!!

So Pudge and I will continue to give the high hoof salute to the barn babees all around the world who are working hard. We know that they have a tough job to do.

So please stay tuned and make it a great week. See you Saturday at Saratoga for The Whitney!

Your friends in racing,
Indy and Pudge ♥

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Indy’s Racing Thoughts! Breeders’ Cup Challenge – What’s coming up

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Hi Friends!

Whoa! Greetings to you from Pudge and I as we continue our coverage of the Breeders’ Cup Challenge!!!

This week is a quiet one as we did not have any Challenge races to cover. Next up on July 25th will be the King Georg VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes sponsored by QIPCO at Ascot. This is a win and you’re in for the Longines Turf!

July 26th will be the Bing Crosby Stakes at Del Mar for the BC Sprint. To round out July on the 29th will be the Qatar Sussex Stakes at Goodwood which is the qualifier for the BC Mile.

This year as most of you know the Breeders’ Cup Races will be held at Keeneland Racetrack in Lexington. It will be a special time for many reasons and it could also be the last race for American Pharoah before he leaves racing for his next phase in his career.

Many superstars are emerging now in this summer season and it’s an exciting one. Del Mar and the Summer at Saratoga are going to heat things up and then of course the 2 year olds will be throwing their hooves in the ring so to speak. Can you see next year’s Derby contenders in the mix! Keep your focus because Pudge and I are certain you’ll be in for a great show!

That’s all for now so we’ll see you next week. For your complete coverage of the races, details and replays please go to this link:

Your friends in racing,
Indy and Pudge ♥